Jiang Zengwei, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, Inspects E-Commerce Work in Tencent

On the afternoon of February 29 2012 a delegation led by Jiang Zengwei Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Commerce inspected Tencent. Vice-Minister Jiang Zengwei was accompanied by Shenzhen Government Secretary-General Gao Guohui Ministry of Commerce’s E-commerce and Information Technology Department Director Li Jinqi Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Commission Inspector Qi Zhenli and Shenzhen Economic and Information Commission Director Guo Limin.

On behalf of the company Tencent Senior Executive Vice-President Wu Xiaoguang and Vice-President Xie Hu received the delegation led by Vice-Minister Jiang. At the exhibition hall Xie Hu introduced Tencent’s development history business model talent status and social responsibility and Wu Xiaoguang made a detailed introduction to Tencent’s E-commerce work. Wu Xiaoguang said that Tencent has increased its inputs into E-commerce in recent years and become one of the top 3 E-commerce companies in the country. Through developing E-commerce Tencent aims to improve commodity circulation efficiency and provide netizens at large with safe fast cheap and rich online shopping experiences. Vice-Minister Jiang Zengwei highly praised Tencent for its efforts.

With the development of the national economy E-commerce has also grown fast. The market is huge and challenges and opportunities exist side by side. The government will continue to support and guide its development. After learning Tencent’s E-commerce development thinking and plan Vice-Minister Jiang Zhengwei expressed excitement at the achievements made by Tencent as one of the largest Integrated Internet service providers in China. The Shenzhen party committee and government have attached great importance to the development of E-commerce and provided a favorable environment. Vice-Minister Jiang Zhengwei hoped that Tencent cam seize the opportunity fully leverage its leadership in the Internet industry and make greater contributions to the E-commerce field.

Tencent Senior Executive Vice-President Wu Xiaoguang (right) presents a crystal QQ to Vice Commerce Minister Jiang Zengwei (left)