Lu Hao, First Secretary of the Secretariat of the Communist Youth League of China, Visits Tencent

On the morning of February 22 2012 a delegation led by Lu Hao First Secretary of the Secretariat of the Communist Youth League of China inspected Tencent. Secretary Lu Hao was accompanied by Xu Qin Shenzhen Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor Wang Shuiming Shenzhen Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of politics and law committee and other officials.

On behalf of all the employees Tencent Co-Founder and CAO Charles Chen received the delegation. In the exhibition hall Charles Chen mad a detailed introduction to Tencent’s conditions such as development history business model talent status party building and social responsibility. Meanwhile Secretary Lu Hao also with great interest watched Tencent engineers’ demonstrations of touching and wakening up a small Q robot using voice to remote control robots to make weather forecast dance and sing. Subsequently Secretary Lu Hao went to Tencent’s Emergency Coordination and Command Center to see how Tencent copes with various emergencies and guarantees the provision of stable data services and secure and healthy information to massive users.

During the inspection Secretary Lu Hao also learned further information about Tencent’s some measures in the Internet innovation field. He was pleased with Tencent’s achievements and fast development in recent years. Meanwhile he also praised Tencent for its contribution to safeguarding the healthy and secure development of the Internet over the years. Secretary Lu Hao said that Tencent’s “open sharing” philosophy for future development and its mission to actively promote win-win in the whole industry are the vision and responsibility which an industry leader should have. He also hoped that Tencent will make further progress on the road to develop new technologies in the Internet industry and leverage its strengths to make greater contributions to the sustainable development of the Internet in China.

After the visit Charles Chen took a group photo with Secretary Lu Hao and bade farewell to the distinguished guests.

Tencent Co-Founder & CAO Charles Chen (first from left) is introducing Tencent to Lu Hao First Secretary of China Communist Youth League of China (second from right) and other officials

Tencent staff is demonstrating a small Q robot to Secretary Lu Hao (second from left) and other officials