Ji Baocheng, President of Renmin University of China, Visits Tencen

On the afternoon of August 13 2011 a delegation led by Ji Baocheng President of Renmin University of China made a study visit to Tencent Headquarters in Shenzhen. The company’s executives such as Xie Hu Tencent Vice-President and Ma bin Vice-President for Wireless Systems received the President Ji delegation. Executives of Tencent’s Human Resources Department and Policy Development Department accompanied in the reception and meeting of the delegation.

Tencent executives made a detailed introduction to President Ji on Tencent’s development history business performance global layout and social responsibility with emphasis on the company’s efforts and achievements in university-enterprise cooperation. Tencent executives noted that Tencent has cooperated and communicated with various universities in China in the areas of research talent and social activities. Renmin University of China is one of Tencent’s important partners. Looking into the future Tencent is also building an open platform for university-enterprise cooperation in an effort to attract more outstanding students to join it.

President Ji Baocheng highly praised Tencent as a dynamic imaginative and creative company and gave his approval of Tencent’s ideas and layout on university-enterprise cooperation he said that Renmin University of China has the best humanities and social sciences disciplines in China and launches in-depth cooperation with Tencent in the new media information humanities and other fields and hoped that more and more students from his university could join companies like Tencent and become farsighted young talent with perseverance and ideals.

Xie Hu Tencent Vice-President presented a crystal QQ to President Ji Baocheng on behalf of Tencent and took a group photo with the distinguished visiting guests after the meeting.

Xie Hu (left) Tencent Vice-President presented a QQ gift to Ji Baocheng (right) President of Renmin University of China


A group photo for a delegation of Renmin University of China during visiting Tencent