Tencent Party Committee Founding Meeting Held

On July 14 2011 the Tencent Party Committee inauguration meeting was held. Hu Jin Deputy Secretary and Organization Department Director of the CPC Nanshan District Committee and Charles Chen Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Tencent jointly attended a grand plaque unveiling ceremony for the Tencent Party Committee.

During the meeting all delegates listened deliberated on and unanimously adopted the Work report of the CPC Party General Branch Committee of Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. delivered by Guo Kaitian on behalf of the previous Tencent Party General Branch and elected 9 members and 1 secretary of the new Tencent Party Commitee according to law. Guo Kaitian former Secretary of Tencent Party General Branch and Tencent Senior Vice-President was elected Tencent Party Committee Secretary.

Charles Chen representing Tencent and Hu Jin representing the CPC Nanshan District Committee both made speeches to congratulate the establishment of the Tencent Party Committee and encourage the Tencent Party Commitee to closely center on corporate operations and development persist in step up Party building through central tasks prompt development by serving the overall situation and strive for fulfilling Tencent’s vision to become “the most respected Internet enterprise”.

The upgrading of the Tencent Party General Branch into a party committee represents a progress as the CPC celebrates its 90th anniversary and as the number of Party members continuous grows at Tencent marks Tencent’s effort to fulfill its social responsibility and constitutes an important part of Tencent’s corporate culture. Through the influence of the Party organization Tencent will further put into practice its corporate values of “Integrity enterprising cooperation and innovation” and make worthy contributions to achieving the change from excellence to outstanding.

Hu Jin (third from left in front row) Deputy Secretary & Organization Department Ministers of CPC Nanshan District Party Committee and Charles Chen (second from right in front row) Tencent CAO jointly unveiled the Tencent Party Committee