Qu Weizhi, State Council Counselor and the Chairman of CECC Visits Tencent

On April 8 2011 a 12-person delegation led by Qu Weizhi State Council Counselor and the Chairman of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (CECC) visited Tencent’s Shenzhen Headquarters on a survey and research mission and met with Charles Chen Tencent’s Founder & CAO Quanzhan Zheng Chief Software Architect & Head of Tencent Research and Xie Hu Tencent Vice-President.

Qu Weizhi firstly listened to Charles Chen’s work reports on Tencent’s recent development development history performance social responsibility and information security and fully recognized the achievements which Tencent as a leader in the Internet industry has made in recent years particularly regarding software development customer services and independent innovations. Charles Chen said that Tencent pursues its own fast development and spares no effort to making its contributions to the development of the Internet industry. In early 2011 Tencent set up a Tencent Industry Win-Win Fund which is one of the most important steps in Tencent’s “Open Sharing” strategy and aims to establish a better Internet industry chain and grow along with industry partners.

The Internet is now one of the fastest-growing industries in China. It also represents the advanced productive force in the new network era. Qu Weizhi pointed out that the country attaches importance to the healthy and harmonious development of the Internet industry and provides great support in terms of policy formulation industry regulation and preferential taxation. Meanwhile she also expressed high expectations for leading enterprises like Tencent and hoped that Tencent can continue to leverage its advantages to push forward the development of the whole industry develop a national brand and drive forward the national industry.

After the meeting Charles Chen CAO presented a crystal QQ to Counselor Qu Weizhi on behalf of Tencent and took a group photo with the distinguished visiting guests.

Qu Weizhi (right) State Council Counselor & Chairman of CECC is listening to introduction - about corporate development - made by Charles Chen(left) Tencent CAO


The group photo of the State Council Counselor Delegation visiting Tencent