Vice-Chairman of CPPCC Zheng Wantong Inspects Tencent

On October 16 2010 Zheng Wantong Vice-Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) inspected Tencent Headquarters in the company of CPPCC Shenzhen Committee Executive Vice-Chairman Huang Zhiguang and other officials. Tencent Co-Founder and CAO Charles Chen and Tencent Vice-President Xie Hu received the visiting officials on behalf of Tencent.

At Tenent’s Exhibition Hall CAO Charles Chen introduced to Vice-Chairman Zheng Wantong Tencent’s history innovative business model charity foundation and innovative development and strategic plans. Vice-Chairman Zheng Wantong attentively listened to CAO Charles Chen’s introduction and exchanged ideas with officials from time to time.

Vice-Chairman Zheng Wantong fully recognized Tencent’s achievements and was happy with its fast development in recent years. “Following 12 years of development Tencent has now become a leading Internet enterprise in China and the world. This is a great achievement. I am full of admiration for the young people who have founded and developed Tencent” said Vice-Chairman Zheng Wantong. “I am excited at Tencent where I have seen the aspirant vitality and driving force”.

Looking into the future Vice-Chairman Zheng Wantong expressed four hopes for Tencent: continue to embrace the future strengthen independent innovations absorb advanced technologies and build an Internet platform with Chinese characteristics to meet users’ growing Internet needs; continue to leverage the social role of a public media boldly shoulder social responsibilities and convey social fairness harmony and progress; continue to keep a strategic vision leverage the leading role of a strategic emerging industry and make even greater progress and develop along with the implementation of China’s Twelfth Five-Year Plan; and Tencent employees continue to maintain a high spirit and strive to build Tencent into the bellwhether of Internet enterprises in China and even in the world.

Vice-Chairman Zheng Wantong and his delegation also visited Tencent’s User Research and Experience Center and IMAGE Store. Finally CAO Charles Chen presented a crystal QQ to Vice-Chairman Zheng Wantong on behalf of Tencent. The host and guest took a photo.

Tencent CAO Charles Chen (right) accompanied CPPCC Vice-Chairman Zheng Wantong (center) to visit Tencent Exhibition Hall in the company of CPPCC Shenzhen Committee Executive Vice-Chairman Huang Zhiguang.

CPPCC Vice-Chairman Zheng Wantong (right) and Tencent CAO Charles Chen (left) took a photo.