Governor of Hunan Province Zhou Qiang Leads a Delegation to Visit Tencent Praising it as the Pride of the Chinese People

On July 20 2009 Governor of Hunan Province and Deputy Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee Zhou Qiang led a delegation of the Hunan provincial government to visit Tencent Headquarters. The delegation was accompanied by Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Dai Beifang and Vice-mayor Tang Jie. Tencent’s two main founders: Chairman of the Board & CEO Ma Huateng and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Chen Yidan respectively reported to the delegation on Tencent’s course of development business models independent innovations patent layout and social responsibility.

The delegation visited Tencent’s exhibition in high spirit. Governor Zhou asked for detailed information about the development of Tencent’s various business products. When he learned during the talks that Tencent’s stock in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK) topped the 100 Hong Kong dollars mark on the day for the first time he wholeheartedly congratulated Tencent for its remarkable achievement. Speaking in praise oft Tencent Governor Zhou said that the company is not only the pride of Shenzhen and Guangdong but also the pride of the Chinese people as the company has become the bellwether in China’s Internet industry since its founding in Shenzhen 11 years ago. Tencent’s success added the governor has set up a model for numerous young people and entrepreneurs.

Zhou Qiang said that Hunan needs to use Tencent’s development experiences as reference greatly develop an information industry with its own intellectual property innovative profit models for Internet and animation enterprises place emphasis on developing new business formats and promote “Two-Model” industries. He also expressed the hope of further strengthening cooperation with Tencent in the fields of technology R&D software services outsourcing animation games mobile Internet and other cultural industries.

After the talks Zhou Qiang as guest and Ma Huateng as host exchanged gifts and took a group photo.

Accompanying Governor Zhou were Vice-governors Gan Lin (female) and Han Yongwen and other officials.

Accompanied by Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Dai Beifang Tencent CEO Ma Huateng (first from right) and Tencent CAO Chen Yidan (first from left) Governor of Hunan province and Deputy Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party committee Zhou Qiang (second from right) visited Tencent’s exhibition hall.

Tencent CEO Ma Huateng (left) presented a QQ crystal souvenir to Governor Zhou Qiang.

Governor Zhou Qiang (center) Vice-governor Gan Lin (third from right) and Vice-governor Han Yongwen (third from left) took a group photo with Tencent CEO Ma Huateng (fourth from left) and Tencent CAO Chen Yidan (fourth from right).