Mr. Wang Yang: Tencent Has Created a Good Start for Guangdong's Internet Development Strategy

In the morning of March 31 2008 accompanied by leading figures such as Guangdong Provincial Deputy Secretary and Shenzhen Municipal Committee Secretary Mr. Liu Yupu Standing Committee Member of Guangdong Province and Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary General Mr. Xiao Zhiheng Guangdong Province Deputy Governor Mr. Song Hai and Shenzhen Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary and Shenzhen Mayor Mr. Xu Zongheng Central Politburo Standing Committee Member and Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary Mr. Wang Yang visited Tencent's headquarter in the Shenzhen High Technology Park Zone. Tencent Co-Founders CEO Mr. Ma Huateng and CAO Mr. Chen Yidan each delivered a presentation on Tencent's recent development business model and experience in innovation undertaking corporate responsibility and promoting charity to Secretary Mr. Wang Yang.

During the presentation Secretary Mr. Wang Yang expressed his full approval of Tencent's resource-efficient high-value and society-improving high technology business model. Guangdong Province is currently upgrading its economic and industrial structures. In the bid to compete with international-level players such as Singapore and Hong Kong enterprises like Tencent are exactly what Guangdong needs to attract high quality talents to achieve an industrial cluster effect.

As one of China's largest Internet enterprise Tencent has created China's most distinctive Internet culture and made profound changes in people's lives in the last ten years. Secretary Mr. Wang Yang expressed approval of these accomplishments and stated his belief that the Internet is changing the people's lives throughout society and facilitating the evolution of human society. Whichever province can best apply Internet-related technologies to government economy culture education and business will gain the upper hand in the 21st century.

Secretary Mr. Wang Yang revealed that the Internet already attracted his attention when he was working in Chongqing. He organized many officials to study the popular treatise on the Internet The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century. When he mentioned Guangdong's recent discussion event on thought liberation Secretary Mr. Wang Yang said "One of the major things I mentioned during the thought liberation discussion was this: Internet and computer technologies must be popularized as soon as possible. I believe this will give Guangdong Province the upper hand in socioeconomic development."

With regard to Tencent's achievement in China's Internet business Secretary Mr. Wang Yang thanked Tencent for overcoming many difficulties to arrive at where it is today and for making a name in China as well as the whole world for Guangdong's Internet field. This has created a good start for Guangdong's Internet development strategy. The provincial party as well as provincial government will continue to support Tencent in its endeavors.

During the conference Secretary Mr. Wang Yang also gained a deeper understanding of Tencent's recruiting strategy and prospects for continued growth. After the conference Tencent CEO Mr. Ma Huateng presented Secretary Mr. Wang Yang with a gift: a QQ account number. Secretary Mr. Wang Yang gladly accepted this special gift and took group photos with those present at the conference.

Central Politburo Standing Committee Member and Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary Mr. Wang Yang (right) accepts QQ account number from Tencent CEO Mr. Ma Huateng.