Tencent CAO Chen Yidan Attends Culture Ministry Forum on Internet Cultura Development

On May 23 2007 the Ministry of Culture's Cultural Market Department Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications and Central Academy of Cultural Administration jointly hosted the "Internet Cultural Development and Management Forum" in Beijing. Following up on a recent speech President Hu Jintao made on Internet cultural development and management Ministry of Culture Vice Minister Meng Xiaosi emphasized the government's intention to proactively address an issue it sees as key. Tencent CAO Chen Yidan was invited to attend the forum.

Tencent takes responsibility in harmonious cultural development

In the interactive discussion entitled "creating a civilized cultural environment on the Internet" Chen Yidan stated that President Hu's speech on Internet cultural development was a clear sign of this issue's importance to the central government and that with foresight and determination China's leaders are confident the Internet can play a key role in developing China's socialist culture. President Hu's speech sets out the essential direction basic principles and clear requirements for China to develop Internet culture and strengthen its management- in the service of advancing a harmonious Internet culture and society.

Chen Yidan commented "Along with the rapid development of Internet technologies and applications the difficulties of Internet cultural development and management increase. With a positive attitude an innovative spirit and full implementation of the spirit of the President's speech Internet cultural development can move to a higher level."

Centering on the spirit of the speech and referencing the current situation of China's Internet enterprises Tencent believes that Internet enterprises need to make social responsibility an integral part of strategic planning and actions. Internet companies need to realize that focusing on users and on the healthy development of youth in particular is the basis of survival. By popularizing a harmonious culture and society the Internet industry can ensure its growth and development. Only by actively promoting culture can the industry satisfy the people's demand for a cultural life and win market approval. Internet enterprises also need to advocate a "civilized Internet" and take steps to create a healthy and positive Internet cultural environment.

As China's most popular Internet portal QQ.com reaches the majority of Chinese Internet users. Tencent sees its responsibility in Internet cultural development and management as particularly essential.

Setting the example in fostering a civilized Internet

Chen Yidan solemnly promised authorities that Tencent would actively respond to and implement the speech's spirit make efforts to clean up the Internet environment fight against uncivilized Internet activities and set the example and trend in creating a civilized Internet.

I. As an Internet medium QQ.com will in its daily news reporting guide public opinion in a responsible way promote higher culture advocate decency in society fight against fallacies and absurdities and become an important Internet frontier for upholding culture. In practice Tencent will act as a responsible medium implementing its beliefs through meaningful activities.

II. As a continuous developer of Internet cultural products Tencent has always paid close attention to the quality of such products. QQ.com's cultural brands such as Education Channel Children's Channel and Science Channel are not only loved by users but are also in tune with the spirit of the times. They generally work to promote social development and meet people's spiritual and cultural needs.

III. As an Internet enterprise Tencent will uphold its corporate development values of "green well-being and security" build interactive entertainment leisure and cultural platforms for users by utilizing the best technological standards pay attention to the security of information on the Internet and preserve social stability. Tencent is proud of its Internet platform which has 250 million active accounts. From initial design to operation this platform has always implemented a management principle of "security well-being and proactivity" and paid close attention to Internet information security. With regard to "unhealthy" content on the Internet Tencent has implemented technical measures and assigned personnel to control and block such content. Tencent actively guides and educates Internet users to collectively maintain the harmony and stability of the Internet environment.

Assuming corporate social responsibilities

As the development of a civilized Internet cannot only happen online Internet enterprises also need to actively pay attention to and guide the positive impact of the Internet on social lives and assume their roles as good corporate citizens.

Chen Yidan pointed out that as a corporate citizen Tencent would strive to become a corporate social responsibility model for Internet companies. Tencent has actively participated in social welfare undertakings and advocated the development of a civilized Internet. "A Journey of 5000 Kilometers Along the Yellow River – Environmental Protection in China" is one example. Launched by Tencent along with several Chinese media organizations this program is first large-scale nonprofit environmental protection activity sponsored by a website in China. In April 2006 to commemorate Cong Fei and share his devotion Tencent China Youth League Committee and the Municipal Party Committee of Shenzhen China Youth Development Foundation Project Hope Nanfang Daily and SZNEWS.com jointly organized a charity auction and donation event called "Share Cong Fei's Love And Make It Live Forever." Income from the auction and donations were given to the "Cong Fei Loving Support Foundation" to help children who drop out of school because of poverty to return to school. In 2005 Tencent launched the "Credit Points Donation Plan" a program that leverages Tencent's platform and calls upon users to offer ongoing support to schools in poverty-stricken mountainous areas. This ongoing program has generated high responses from users. Last year Tencent established the first charity foundation ever set up by a Chinese Internet enterprise. With its first donation of CNY20 million dedicated to charity and especially Internet-based charity endeavors Tencent has made a major contribution to building a harmonious society and promoting a more caring and civilized Internet.

Several dozens guests including experts scholars officials journalist and heads of Internet cultural enterprises attended the forum.