Vice Minister Xi Guohua Visits Tencent and Encourages Internet Branding Efforts

Shenzhen January 11 2007 – At the head of an investigative team from the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) Vice Minister and Deputy Party Secretary Xi Guohua visited the headquarters of Tencent which is located in Shenzhen's Hi-Tech Park. The vice minister's team was investigating issues concerning the healthy and harmonious development of the Internet industry. During the visit Xi listened to Tencent's work report and expressed his ideas relating to the development of the Internet industry.

Upon their arrival at Tencent Vice Minister Xi and his team were warmly welcomed by the company's senior management including Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ma Huateng Chief Administrative Officer Chen Yidan and President Martin Lau. After visiting the exhibition hall the MII team held a meeting with the company's senior management. During the meeting CEO Ma introduced the company's main areas of development including portals IM Internet games Internet and value-added services and wireless Internet services. President Lau introduced current international developments in the Internet industry. CAO Chen talked to the team about problems incurred during the development of the industry going on to call for improved legislation and reinforced governmental regulations as well as discipline within the Internet industry for its healthy and prosperous development. After listening to these reports Vice Minister Xi first congratulated Tencent on its achievements. He recognized and praised the efforts made by Tencent to develop e-commerce models and innovative Internet technologies. He also encouraged Tencent to continue offering value-added services with Chinese characteristic and hoped that Chinese enterprises like Tencent that have their own brand names and intellectual property rights will grow stronger and bigger. He said that his ministry would continue creating a good market environment that will support the growth of such enterprises and promote the development of the Internet industry as a whole.

After the investigation CEO Ma gave Vice Minister Xi a QQ number as a gift. The vice minister was very pleased to receive such a special "virtual" gift.

The other members of the investigative team were Gu Weizhong (Director-General of the Guangzhou Communications Administration) Xu Zhibiao (Director-General of the Guangdong Commission of Information Industry) Zhou Baoyuan (Vice Director-General of the General Office of the MII) Wang Zhanfu (Director-General of the Communications Clearing Bureau) Wen Ku (Director-General of the Science and Technology Bureau of the MII) Xiao Jiang (Director-General of the Shenzhen Communications Administration and member of the administration's Communist Party of China Organization) Jia Xingdong (Vice Director-General of the Shenzhen Science and Information Bureau and Vice Director of the Shenzhen Information Office) Wei Jun (Vice Director-General of the General Planning Bureau of the MII) Chen Ying (Vice Director-General of the Electronic Products Bureau of the MII) Xie Yuansheng (Vice Director-General of the Radio Administration of the MII) and Yang Zemin (President of the Telecommunication Research Academy of the MII). Liu Chengmin Executive Vice President of Tencent and Guo Kaitian Vice President of Tencent also attended the meeting.

According to the "Strategic Outline of Intellectual Properties in Shenzhen (2005-2010)" recently released by Shenzhen government the city by implementing the Intellectual Property Advantages Promotion Project of Shenzhen will help at least 100 enterprises develop into enterprises with intellectual property advantages and become the innovative mainstay in Shenzhen in respect of proprietary intellectual property rights.

Accompanied by CEO Ma Huateng (first on the left) CAO Chen Yidan (first on the right) and President Martin Lau Vice Minister Xi Guohua (second on the left) views the Tencent Exhibition Hall.

Vice Minister Xi Guohua (third from the left) CEO Ma Huateng (second from the left) CAO Chen Yidan (third from the right) and President Martin Lau (second from the right).