Tencent Assists Miss Asia in its Online Pre-screening Round

Shenzhen July 21 2006 – The online pre-screening round for Miss Asia jointly carried out by Asia Television and Tencent was completed smoothly following preliminary selection of Internet-based candidates today. With the help of Tencent's Internet community platform who voted in great numbers 150 lucky young women were selected from nearly 10000 candidates taking part in the contest. With their talent and beauty these 150 will now compete to be included among the 20 final candidates for the final round of 2006 Miss Asia.

Compared with previous Miss Asia contests this year's contest is different. No doubt inspired by the "Super Girl" contest of China the sponsors of Miss Asia hope to increase build audiences in mainland China with the help of the online pre-screening round. Capitalizing on the power of the Internet Asia Television finally chose Tencent as their partner over rival web portals Sina which focuses on reporting related to large events or Sohu known for its sensationalism.

From the Miss Asia contest standpoint the choice of Tencent as a partner satisfied the organizers' need to create "buzz." With its vast Internet community Tencent has a users group unparalleled in size by any other website. Comparing traditional reporting and sensationalism the sponsors likely attributed more importance to the real influence of the event. Other factors could be Qzone a Tencent forum that enabled a high level of interaction between Miss Asia contestant and audiences or the company's SMS voting platform which made the entire voting process simple and efficient. A decisive point may be the fact that QQ.com is the leading domestic portal in terms of Internet media capacity. In addition QQLive offers good quality reporting for not only the Internet round of Miss Asia contest but also for the final contest thus allowing Tencent to provide sponsors with a comprehensive solution. As a leading brand among Hong Kong media Asia Television made a wise and practical decision in choosing its partner for the online contest.

Qzone: from grassroots culture to super stars

Before her blog became popular we knew nothing about Xu Jinglei except the fact that she is a good-looking actress and director. "Lao Xu" the respectful nickname given to her by her blog fans underscores their understanding and support for her. In fact in this age of individuality more and more people have started to look behind stars' success and try to better understand who they are. As a personal space web product Qzone focuses more on users' individuality than blogs and offers a more thorough presentation of users' life and thinking. Both stars and ordinary girls who hope to become Miss Asia can fully make use of this highly popular Tencent platform and gain audience support by presenting their talent and beauty interaction and their personal efforts. This is the growing grassroots culture trend pre-screening round has tapped into in this Web 2.0 era.

Upon opening the QQ menu users can easily find and enter their personal Qzone a purely personal space for them to express their feelings share information and exchange ideas with visiting friends and present their individuality using photos voice and video. When users get to know more friends through Qzone they are unconsciously building a valuable network of contacts creating an Internet experience that is very different from previous ones. As the Qzone online life platform is designed to highlight individuality Qzone will evolve its content and functionality to respond to users' ever evolving requirements allowing more and more users to experience the exciting evolution from "from grassroots culture to super star" in their own circle commented Qzone executives.

QQ.com: multiple strengths

Having just sponsored the 2006 Chinese New Star Singing Contest QQ.com is now the Internet media sponsor of Miss Asia. With its powerful operating capacity and its strong penetration in the entertainment world QQ.com leaves the majority of Internet entertainment media far behind. The difference with QQ.com goes further. After a close study of the portal's two latest large events we see that QQ.com has been partnering with Asia's leading entertainment media and has involved Internet users in exciting events which previously only allowed Internet users to be passive audiences. Now as active participants those with super star dreams can compete with courage for the title of Miss Asia and realize already a part of the dream just by participating in such an exciting entertainment event. This is the kind of different Internet entertainment experience QQ.com delivers.

In respect to technology QQ.com's editorial principles of "human-centeredness rationality and truthfulness" have made QQ.com's online special reports highly successful. The "QQLive" unique online video solution has outperformed competitors in covering large events. With these two approaches to reporting QQ.com has created a brand-new distribution platform for the Internet era leveraging multiple information distribution methods including QQ IM Mini Portal Soso.com and Paipai.com. The platform not only provides users with content that is highly enticing and engaging to users it gives corporate clients an information distribution solution that can directly reach mass audiences of potential customers.

Through the first online pre-screening round of Miss Asia we see that a dominant Internet giant is interpreting the implications of online life in a unique way. With the most popular online community in China Tencent is performing at the top of its game. With Tencent people can foresee the future of the Internet entertainment and feel confident in the forthcoming arrival of an entertainment world in which Internet users will be able fully exhibit their individuality and make their dream come true.