Shenzhen's vice Mayor visited Tencent's new office

[August 202004 from Shenzhen]

On the afternoon of 17th August Mr. Liu Yingli Shenzhen's vice Mayor visited Tencent's new headquarter located in Hi-tech park with the company of some other government officers. Last year Mr. Liu ever visited Tencent's foundation base -SEG park and showed his great attention toTencent's development and growth. Now after Tencent Holdings Limited has successfully listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange he came to Tencent office again and brought best wishes and strong support on behalf of Shenzhen Government.

Mr. Ma Huateng and Mr. Chen Yidan Tencent's CEO and CAO show Mr. Liu Shenzhen City's Vice Mayor around Tencent Office

In Tencent office Mr. Liu visited Tencent 's R&D departments server center and customer service center. During his visit he also talked to some employees about their work.

After Mr. Liu's short visit Tencent's CEO Mr. Ma Huateng has given a brief introduction to Tencent's current development status and future plan. Then Mr. Chen Yidan Tencent's CAO has expressed Tencent's desire to strengthen its R&D facility and power in Shenzhen based on which Tencent will be able to achieve rapid growth and development as a local enterprise thus promoting Shenzhen Hi-tech Industry to a higher level. On behalf of Shenzhen Munipal Administration Mr. Liu has applauded Tencent's recent achievenments in termes of size and technology capability and confirmed that Shenzhen government will always provide strong support to Tencent's further development. He also asked about Tencent's main difficulties and hope Tencent could explore more matured and stable business mode thus enhancing Tencent's comprehensive competency.

Shenzhen government officers and Tencent Executives' group