Vice Mayor of Shenzhen, Liu YingLi visited Tencent

Nov. 15 2003 from Shenzhen]

Mr. Liu Yingli Shenzhen's Vice Mayor in charge of science and technology and director of Shenzhen's Hi-tech Office along with Mr. Zhang Hengchun deputy director of the Hi-tech Office and other leaders visited the headquarter of Shenzhen based Tencent at 19:00-21:00 on November 13. As one of the top network software technology enterprises in China Tencent has embraced rapid growth in recent years and drew a lot of attention from its administrative department and the local municipal government.

Vice Mayor Liu Yingli visited Tencent office accompanied by CEO and top management

On the meeting vice Mayor Liu and his group debriefed Mr. Ma Huateng the CEO of Tencent about the company's advanced Internet technology capabilities great development prospect long term strategic goals and the fierce market competition.

Vice Mayor Liu inquired about the technological financial and R&D capabilities of the company and praised Tencent on its development and performance. He said that as one of the strongest value added service providers in China Tencent's market position was inspiring. Mr Liu also discussed with the top management about the experiences in the development of hi-tech enterprises at home and abroad expressed his best wishes for Tencent as a native Shenzhen company and his confidence in its future development. Mr. Liu assured that the municipal government will give strong support in terms of technology and resources for Tencent's long term development. He hoped that Tencent would stick to the practical and focused style and sustain advanced technology as well as corporate governance to realize long term and stable development.

Vice Mayor Liu's having pleasant meeting with company's top management

Vice Mayor Liu with company's top management