Tencent launched free email for ISP, starting with Shenzhen Telecommunication Bureau


[Feb 2000 from Shenzhen]

Free email service by Tencent is a comprehensive personal business handling system that incorporates features of traditional personal information management software and provides an web personal information management access anywhere anytime. It integrates office management such as email calendar query file access bookmarks and address book and supports online information transmission file storage and editing web address record query communication record scheduling calendar record calendar reminder memorandum reminder and flexible email filtering and classification function. It's your indispensable daily office application.

My Emails:

Support email sending/receiving POP3 email box parameters signature classified filtering automatic reply transferring emails to pager and mobile phone;

My Schedule:

Calendar-based scheduling and reminding. Schedule can be displayed in daily weekly and monthly views and supports multi-criteria loops;

My Contacts:

It provides online database with the names email addresses Tencent QQ numbers pager numbers and mobile phone numbers of your contacts that you can check at anytime. It supports multi-directory classification;

My Favorite Websites:

It's a "favorites" web folder no longer limited by PC. You can sort out your favorite websites and keep the addresses here. If you want to visit the sites they are just a simple click away;

My Documents:

It's a web-based personal file storage space for you to store frequently used documents. You can access them and share them conveniently and reliably at home or in the office;

Personal Settings:

You can modify or renew personal data when you subscribed for the email box such as password address phone number and occupation.

The designed capacity of the service is 5 million users.

Shenzhen Telecom: http://www.anyemail.net