Tencent launched

[Nov 1998 from Shenzhen]

Tencent launched "Wireless Internet Paging Solution" (TIPS). Combining the vast number of pager users and the fast growing cyber users in China TIPS will provide more value added services like "wireless portal" for customers and immediately enhance the competitiveness of paging service operators.

TIPS is equipped with the following features:

Web Paging Service: or "Global Paging"-visiting paging station's webpage. No long distance call is needed any more the information can be directly sent to pagers through the online paging system (digital or Chinese language system).

Email Paging Service: Email reminder can display incoming emails' sender email address subject and even part of the contents so that pager owners can decide whether they are urgent or not. It supports a free local email and 5 external POP3 emails.

Instant Messenger Integration: Instant Messenger Integration enhances the popularity of paging stations on the Internet and the usage of online paging. It brings more convenience to pager users and Internet users.

Web Secretary Service: This is an online personal assistant service that makes use of the Internet paging technology. Users can input their schedule on pager stations' webpage and the "online secretary" will send the predefined content to users' pager at a predefined time in order to remind users and increase their efficiency.

Web Reply Service: Pager owners can directly obtain paging station's messages without having to provide password to a customer service representative and get message from him/her.

Web Roaming Register: Pager owners can do online roaming registration by choosing where they are. It's very convenient for users while cutting the amount of telephone calls that paging stations have to deal with.

Virtual Paging Service: Users don't need an actual pager. With a virtual pager number their contacts can call their paging station to send messages to their email address or Instant Messenger.

Information On Demand Service: Users can order certain information and trace real time information they need e.g. news stock info finance info and bank account transferring.