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“Global Digital Museums for National Treasures” Strategic Cooperation Initiated by Tencent and RMN
January 30th, France——Tencent and France National Museums Union (RMN) signed a strategic cooperation memorandum at the Grand Palace in Paris. based on the New Cultural Creativity experience and the digital capabilities, Tencent and RMN carried out a deeper cooperative exploration in the domain of cultural exchanges as well as traditional cultural inheritance and innovation. At the signing ceremony, Tencent and the RMN also announced their plan of starting exhibition programs with the theme of “Chinese New Cultural Creativity”, “Global Digital Museums for National Treasures” and other items.
The Palace Museum & Tencent Witness Achievements in Ten Fields and Set New Heights for Digital Cultural Museum in Three Years
On October 22nd, the sharing session of the Palace Museum and Tencent’s Three-Year Cooperation Outcomes & Next Idea Music Contest was held in the Garden of Established Happiness at the Palace Museum. Director Shan Jixiang of the Palace Museum and Vice President Cheng Wu of Tencent delivered a speech. Among the guests are Deputy Director General Song Qihui with Department of Industrial Development under Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Director General Luo Jing with Department of Museum and Social Relics under National Cultural Heritage Administration, deputy directors Feng Nai’en and Ren Wanping of the Palace Museum, Secretary Zhu Hongwen of Committee for Discipline Inspection of the Palace Museum, Vice President Jiang Yang of Tencent, Vice President Hou Deyang of Tencent Music Entertainment Group, and musicians, including Zhang Qu, Zhang Yadong, Fang Wenshan and others.
Achievements of the “Digital Supporters” Program of Tencent and Dunhuang Academy Made a Debut at Dunhuang Cultural Expo
On September 25th, the concert “Ancient Music Rebirth” kicked off with a melodious low-pitched sound from the Guzheng, a Chinese plucked zither, a prelude to a millennial Dunhuang music played with flute, a reed pipe wind instrument called “sheng”, a Chinese double reed wind instrument called “bili”, the Chinese lute, a Chinese plucked string instrument called “zhongruan”, and Zheng.
Tencent Comic Listed among the 2018 Forbes China Most Innovative Companies: Innovation-Driven Growth of Chinese Comic
On August 15th, 2018, the 2018 Forbes China Innovation Summit themed on “New Drivers in Global Innovation” was held in Chengdu. The summit highlighted members of the list of “Most Innovative Companies” published by Forbes China as well as the U.S. edition of Forbes to share the forward-looking information on global finance and technology.
Tencent Started Repairing the Jiankou Great Wall in the Spirit of “Digital Workmanship”
On July 30th the commencement ceremony of the Jiankou Great Wall restoration project was jointly held by the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation, Yanqi County Government in Huairou District of Beijing and the Tencent Foundation at the foot of the Jiankou Great Wall in Huairou District of Beijing. Deputy Director Song Xinchao of the National Cultural Heritage Administration, Chairman Li Xiaojie of the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation, Director Shu Xiaofeng of Beijing Municipal Cultural Heritage Administration, Deputy Head Jiao Baojun of Huairou District government, Ge Yan who’s the general manager for the government affairs of Tencent and director of the Great Wall Special Fund, among others, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. The ceremony kicked off the Jiankou Great Wall restoration project.
Tencent Next Idea Music Creativity Contest Kicked Off to Create Music for Ten Renowned Paintings in the Palace Museum’s Collection
On July 25th, the 2018 Tencent Next Idea Music Creativity Contest kicked off as the theme song Magnificent Landscape in Painting sung by Jackson Yee, a member of the popular Chinese boy band trio TFBOYS, hit online. The song is jointly created by famous musicians Vincent Fang and Zhang Yadong based on the painting A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains, one of China’s most celebrated works of art treasured by the Palace Museum.
Tencent Unveils “Global Digital Museum Open Platform Initiative” at Cannes Lions Creating the Ultimate “Technology + Culture” Experience for All
The annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (Cannes Lions) – the world’s most influential advertising and creative communications event – took place from 18th to 22nd June. This year, Tencent joined hands with chief marketing officers (CMOs) and brand communications leaders from 25 of the world’s leading enterprises to establish the inaugural CMO Growth Council at Cannes. Hosted by the Cannes Lions and the Association of National Advertisers, the Council was created as a platform to drive discussion, collaboration and implementation among global marketing leaders. Shengyi Liu, Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent, Chairman of Tencent Advertising and Chairman of Group Marketing and Global Branding, was the only Chinese corporate representative invited as a broad member of the Council.
Tencent and the UK Department for International Trade Established Strategic Partenership in Digital Cultural Creative Industries
On May 9th, Tencent and the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of strategic cooperation in London, announcing extensive collaboration in the cultural creative industries to boost the rapid development of the cultural creative industries through digital means. Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade, LAU Sengyee, Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent, and a number of key DIT officials and representatives of various renowned local corporatations attended the event. Following the signing of the MOU, Tencent will work closely with British institutions and corporations, including British Tourist Authority, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), British Fashion Council (BFC), Springer Nature, among others, to launch a package of cooperation projects.
Five Tencent Businesses Announce Pan-Entertainment Upgrades to Neo-Culture Creativity
On April 23, at the UP2018 Tencent Neo-Culture Creativity Eco-Conference, CEO of Tencent Pictures and Vice President of Tencent Wu Cheng introduced Tencent’s core strategy for upgrading “Neo-Culture Creativity” with “pan-entertainment.” The strategies were presented under the theme of “With Love We Create.”
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