Company Structure

Tencent consists of seven business groups. Each business group is responsible for managing a division of Tencent’s diverse products and platforms to meet the varied and vast needs of our user’s lives.


Technology Engineering Group

Responsible for supporting the company and its business groups on technology and operational platforms as well as the construction and operation of R&D management and data centers, TEG provides users with a full range of customer services. TEG also leads the Tencent Technology Committee on strengthening infrastructure R&D through internal and distributed open source collaboration, constructing middle platforms and supporting business innovation.


Weixin Group

Responsible for the construction and operation of the WeChat ecosystem. Leveraging WeChat functions and open platforms such as WeChat Public Platform, Mini Programs, WeChat Pay, WeChat for Business and WeChat Search, WXG provides solutions and connectivity for intelligent upgrades across all industries. WXG is also responsible for the development and operation of QQ Mail, WeChat Read and other products.


Interactive Entertainment Group

Responsible for the R&D, operation and development of the interactive entertainment business including games and e-sports. Through systematic research and the exploration and application of cutting-edge technology, IEG continues to create better interactive entertainment content experiences for users. IEG assists the company in leading the global interactive entertainment market and co-create a prosperous and up-to-date content ecosystem with other business groups.


Platform & Content Group

Responsible for the company's Internet platform and the integrated development of the content and culture ecosystem. PCG integrates social platforms such as QQ and QQ space with traffic platforms such as Tencent’s App Store and browsers, as well as content including news, video, sports, live broadcast, anime and movies. PCG promotes cross-platform and multi-modal development of IP, with the goal of creating more premium digital content experiences for more users.


Cloud & Smart Industries Group

Responsible for promoting the company's cloud and industry internet strategy, CSIG explores innovative interactions between users and industries to create better solutions for smart industries via technological innovations such as cloud and AI. While driving the digitalization of retail, medical, education, transportation and other industries, CSIG helps companies serve users in smarter ways, building a new ecosystem of intelligent industries that connect users and businesses.


Corporate & Development Group

As the platform for the company's new business incubation and new business exploration, CDG is responsible for promoting the development and innovation of important areas such as financial technology business and advertising and marketing services, including payment and financial applications. As a professional support platform, CDG also supports the company and various business groups in strategic planning, investment and mergers, international expansion and public relations.

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