Two-second boom barrier passing! Shenzhen North subway station introduces the first high-speed rail station “WeChat unconscious payment” smart parking lot


 On September 13, WeChat Pay joined hands with Shenzhen North subway station, and launched the first “WeChat unconscious payment” smart parking lot of the urban integrated transport hub in Shenzhen North subway station. Since then, the subway station has been connected to WeChat Pay to allow unconscious payment, so that users can pay the parking fee through “WeChat unconscious payment” and enjoy convenient and efficient smart parking experience.

 90% faster: Enter and exit the parking lot “unconsciously” 

 Since the parking lot of Shenzhen North subway station introduced “WeChat unconscious payment”, users have been able to enjoy the “unconscious payment” experience without “getting a card when entering and scanning the QR code for payment when leaving”. The average time for each vehicle to pass the boom barrier was shortened from 20 seconds to about 2 seconds.

 When users pay the parking fee by scanning the QR code with their WeChat in the parking lot of Shenzhen North subway station, they can bind their license plate numbers to WeChat and add the “WeChat unconscious payment” feature at one click. With such a feature, users will be able to enjoy the convenient experience of two-second boom barrier passing at the parking lot of Shenzhen North subway station.



 With the “WeChat unconscious payment” feature, the system will automatically deducts the parking fee from the bound WeChat account when the vehicle is leaving the parking lot. After exiting the parking lot, the user’s entry and exit information will be immediately synchronized to the “WeChat Vehicle Owner Service” platform and pushed to the owner through the “WeChat Pay” official account. After authorizing the account-binding, the vehicle owner can enjoy convenient “WeChat unconscious payment” at any parking lots that provide WeChat vehicle owner service at one click.

 Connection of people, vehicles and services connection: Unconscious payment is becoming an industry standard

 WeChat unconscious payment makes two-second boom barrier passing come true by integrating “WeChat Vehicle Owner Service” and the license plate recognition system. “WeChat Vehicle Owner Service” is an interface designed by WeChat based on the owner’s travel scenes: After the license plate is bound to WeChat, the platform can get the WeChat account of the user. This feature, by integrating online and offline information, makes the connection of people, vehicles and services a reality. At present, WeChat unconscious payment has been launched in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Changsha and other places, covering parking lots, expressways, service stations and other traffic scenes.

 An employee of the property management company of Shenzhen Subway said: “Shenzhen North subway station is the core of Shenzhen’s ‘four main and four supporting railway stations’ passenger transportation structure. Its annual passenger journeys reach 52 million.” With the WeChat unconscious payment system, Shenzhen North subway station is able to cope with huge passenger flows by reducing labor cost for cash management and boom barrier passing, thus effectively improving management efficiency.

 Over the past five years, ChinaRoad’s PP parking APP has provided convenient smart parking service for over six million car owners. As to the cooperation between WeChat Pay and Shenzhen North subway station, a person in charge of the project from PP said: “Unconscious payment not only largely shortens users’ waiting time and improves traffic efficiency, but can also prevent vehicles with a fake license, and reduce the risk of wrong fee deduction caused by wrong recognition.”

 A relevant employee from WeChat Pay said: “We have built many smart parking lots through cooperation across the country. By doing so, we hope to create more possibilities for the upgrade of smart transportation industry through ‘WeChat unconscious payment”. For parking lots, expressways, service stations and other traffic scenarios, WeChat unconscious payment is becoming an industry standard.”