#TencentTalent: A Passion for Games Ignites Challenging and Rewarding Careers in Northeast Asia


Tencent employees have turned their love of games and anime into thriving careers.

The Entertainment Industry Goes to the Cloud


Tencent Cloud is ready to support the huge demand for online entertainment.

#TencentTalent: Creating Immersive Digital Experiences from Teams in the US and Europe


We meet the creative people driving entertainment forward.

#TencentTalent: Meet the Tencent Team Helping to Grow Digital Entertainment in Southeast Asia


The region is seeing a boom in online activity, bringing people together.

Technology, Powered by Electricity, Could Ultimately Help Reduce Energy Use


The internet has fundamentally changed our lives, but it has also seen energy use skyrocket.

Immersive, Real-Time Video Is the Future of Entertainment


News article or advertisement claim that 5G will change the way we live and work – but how?

The Long Battle Against Desertification


Desertification is a phenomenon that ranks among the greatest environmental challenges of our time.

Old Traditions Meet New Technology: The Spring Festival Celebration Goes Virtual


The various apps helped enable families to share special moments with their loved ones remotely.

Tencent Institute of Games Supports the Sustainable Development of the Games Industry


In 2020, games played an increasingly important role by providing stress relief, relaxation and soci...

The Right Team is the Heart and Mind of an AAA Game


What makes a successful AAA game? Many will say it’s creativity, while others might point to technol...

The Pandemic is Forcing Schools to Rethink Education, Integrating Technology to Improve Learning


The persistence of the pandemic has made the digitalization of education a new normal, which has tri...

Tencent’s most successful mobile game: the past, present and future of Honor of Kings


Honor of Kings, developed by Tencent Games’ TiMi Studios, is a household name and a cultural phenome...

A Japanese Drugstore Successfully Turns to Weixin After a Sharp Drop in Tourists


While it might be a while before the hospitality, retail and tourism industries bounce back, Tsuruha...

Tencent Discusses Importance of Protecting Young Internet Users at Annual FOSI Conference


Tencent has long been an advocate for online safety for kids.

How AI Technology Can Help People Suffering from Hearing Loss


Tencent Ethereal Audio improves the auditory experience of people with hearing difficulties.

Protecting Our Planet: Building Sustainable Solutions to Global Problems


Understanding the relationship between food, energy, and water (also known as FEW) is critical to so...

DES Case Study: Yunnan Province Leverages Big Data and Cloud Computing for Personalized Travel Experiences


Tencent took on the challenge to create a new, more personal way for visitors to explore Yunnan.

DES Case Study: Tencent Cloud helps make manufacturing smart


Tencent Cloud is working with leading manufacturers like Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. (FII)...

Going Digital: The Future of Internet-Based Charity


Together We Can! Let’s do good together.

Digitization and Innovation Will Drive the Post-Pandemic Era


How economies are recovering from COVID-19 and how innovation is leading the way.

Intelligent Vehicle Innovation Turns Cars into Mobile Digital Devices


Your car is becoming an efficient mobile device that connects drivers with the world.

It’s more important than ever to end the illegal trading of endangered wildlife


Tencent uses financial technology, or fintech, to assist law enforcement agencies in pursuing those....

Together We Can


A shared humanitarian mission to help communities fight COVID-19.

Give it Your Best Shot and Live with No Regrets - Caitlyn Chen, Vice President of Tencent


“Working in online media is like changing the engine of a plane while flying!”

Live in the Moment – Maggie Wei, Tencent Corporate Vice President


Many people think Human Resources is the department that handles a lot of paperwork, but that doesn’...

Putting People First – Helen Luan, Vice President of Tencent


“It’s not about being ‘one of the boys’, it’s about embracing and expressing my own individuality.”

Opportunity Comes to Those Who are Prepared - Sammi Xia, Head of Tencent Institute of Games


"I hope to play a part in helping our original games breaking into the global markets. This is my dr...

The Bliss of Crushing Difficult Mode: Michelle Liu, Vice President of Tencent Games


"Whenever there is any difficulty, I will find a way to overcome it. I believe that I was born to be...

Shan Liu's Passion for Learning and Hard Work Have Helped Her Career


"Every challenge you go through is an asset to your life."

The Race Against Time


Let’s stay positive, pitch in, help others, and fight the further spread of the novel Coronavirus. T...

Joining the Global Fight against COVID-19


This is a critical moment. Only by building trust, connecting with each other, and strengthening our...

Value Creation is Pivotal to Our Investments


Tencent considers investments to be one of its core strategies, and places "Value Creation" at the c...

Harnessing the power of the Internet to combat COVID-19


We believe technology is at its best when we use it for good. The Internet has made a big difference...

Value for Users, Tech for Good


As Tencent enters its 21st anniversary, our corporate culture has evolved to reflect our new mission...

Bridging Gaps in Healthcare Industry with Technology


In line with its Industrial Internet strategy, Tencent’s exploration in the healthcare industry focu...

99 Giving Day: Together, We Do Good Things Well


Taking rationality as the core, we will establish a more stable connection between charity projects....

Dedication in Protecting Teenagers is Endless, Steven Ma Says on the 1st Anniversary of Healthy Gameplay System Upgrade


Protecting underaged users will never ends, with focuses on play time management and spending manage...

Our Greatest Challenge: Rearchitecting the Planet to Accommodate 10 Billion Humans by 2050


The key goal for our era should be stated as: Rearchitecting the Planet to Meet the Needs of 10 Bill...

Tencent’s AI Technology Assists Diagnosis of Parkinson’s, Not to Replace Good Doctors


There are many fragmented areas in healthcare that could be broken through. In diagnosis and treatme...

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