Stimulating vitality, supporting growth

Through professional training and career development system,
we stimulate the vitality of organizations and individuals,
and help employees grow with the company

Talent Development

Employees are Tencent's most valuable asset.

We place great importance on staff training and development, offering opportunities for our staff to grow vertically or horizontally in their career. This approach allows employees to develop their capabilities in a more focused and clear manner, and be recognized for their contributions clearly and timely through our ranking system.

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The establishment of Tencent Academy in 2007 was a milestone for Tencent's staff training and development.

The vision of Tencent Academy is “to be the most respected enterprise university”. It offers a comprehensive training curriculum that corresponds to our employee's career development. It endeavors to become a growth consultant for our staff, and a development partner of business teams, nurturing our current and future talent.

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Work Environment


Our Office

Opened in October 2017, Tencent's Binhai Building is a fully digital and intelligent structure, and also serves as Tencent's new global headquarters. The design of the "interconnected building" symbolizes the connectivity that brings together all remote corners of the Internet, and also visualizes the connection of people and people, people and services, and services and devices at present and in the future. We have also set up branch offices in China, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Guangzhou, and overseas including United States and South Korea, to provide a comfortable and innovative office environment for local employees to immerse themselves in Tencent's culture.



We offer an equal, transparent and non-discriminatory working environment, and fully respect employees of different genders, nationalities, races, and religious beliefs. We do not tolerate harassment or offensive conduct in the workplace. We strictly abide by relevant state regulations, safeguard the wellbeing of employees, and maintain an equal and harmonious multi-cultural working environment.

Employee Activities

We strive to pass on our beliefs to generations to come through a variety of engaging and far-reaching cultural activities.

All-hands Meeting

The year-end all-hands meeting and New Year Party are key events for our staff. The goal is to share with employees the company's strategy, upcoming roadmap, and management updates, and to recognize outstanding teams.

Annual Company Gathering

A tradition since Tencent's founding, the entire company gathers at the end of the year to celebrate the holiday with entertainment and performances featuring our own staff, which encourages our teams to strive for excellence in the year ahead.

Tencent Culture Day

On Tencent's birthday, November 11, employees gather to celebrate and dress up in outfits designed internally. Through activities hosted by the senior management team, such as Link Time, we embrace and promote our own culture.

Spring Walkathon

Tencent organizes a Spring Walkathon every April for our staff and their family. The event hopes to improve physical wellbeing, foster stronger relationships between family members, and raise awareness for meaningful causes as part of our civic duty.

Image Store

Tencent Image Store is a place to take a break and connect with colleagues. It is open to the public and offers a range of our branded merchandise.


Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial. To improve access to recreation and activities, Tencent organizes more than a hundred of clubs spanning dancing, music, basketball, football, badminton, board games, drama and more.

Tencent Volunteer Program

The Tencent volunteer program was initiated by employees to foster greater participation in public welfare projects and to get more people involved in donating their spare time towards socially responsible activities and our Tech for Good initiatives.

Low-Carbon Future

Tencent is encouraging its employees around the world to move towards a low-carbon future and make the “low-carbon lifestyle” a reality. Sharing 10 tips for living a lifestyle that lowers carbon emissions with Tencent employees is just one way we are facilitating the transition.