Value for Users, Tech for Good


As Tencent enters its 21st anniversary, our corporate culture has evolved to reflect our new mission and vision, as well as values. 

Value for Users, Tech for Good  -   is our new mission and vision. 

Integrity, Proactivity, Collaboration and Creativity  -   are our updated values. 

Tencent's corporate culture has evolved since its founding, as our businesses thrived and outstanding talent joined us over the years. All members of the Tencent family, from the founders to the current staff of over 40,000 around the world, have played a part in shaping Tencent's corporate culture as we grew and diversified our business. Our strategy upgrade which was introduced on September 30, 2018 has continued to take shape. The evolution to v.3.0 reflects how we harness the future, underpinned by our heritage.

Throughout our history, users and responsibilities are at the heart of everything we do. With the determination to live up to users’ expectation and be their friend, we created QQ through meticulous attention to every technical detail and product upgrade. From a humble beginning, we have made great achievements, abiding by our user-oriented approach. Whenever we were at crossroads, we were steadfast in our belief. We will never cease to uphold this philosophy as part of our corporate culture. At the same time, we have never neglected our responsibilities to society. 

Technology is a tool, the use of technology for good is a conscious choice

In 2007, we established Tencent Foundation, the first charitable foundation by an Internet enterprise in China. In 2008, shortly after the Wenchuan earthquake, we launched a missing-person search and donation platform. The inception of the "99 Giving Day" program, the Parental Guidance Platform, and our AI technology which assisted the search for abducted and lost children demonstrated our conviction and commitment to the cause of "Tech for Good”. In areas of frontier technologies, we have developed and applied AI in use cases that could save lives. For instance, the AI medical imaging product “Tencent Miying’, which leverages AI to identify and forecast the risk of certain illnesses, will help doctors increase the accuracy and efficiency of their diagnoses. 

Our aspiration to use technology for good strengthens over time - now is the moment for us to take a firm step forward by writing it into our new mission and vision, to embark on this meaningful undertaking and carry it through to our work.

Technology is powerful and evolving rapidly. The appropriate use of technology can have a significant impact on our social welfare. Technology is a tool, but the use of technology for good is a conscious choice. To us, the choice is to provide better products and services to users, to continually enhance their productivity and quality of life. We have strong convictions of right or wrong. To live up to our promise, we prioritize the needs of our users and incorporate the consideration of social responsibility in our products and services. We strive to innovate technologies while honoring our culture and traditions. We support various industries to upgrade digitally and promote the sustainable development of society.

Knowing what to do, and what not to do

Technology is a double-edged sword. We seek to help create a digital infrastructure for supporting the next generation to fulfill their aspirations. Since 2017, we have launched a number of programs, including the Parental Guardian Platform and Healthy Gameplay System, which are viewed as amongst the strictest and most comprehensive measures to prevent over-indulgence. This year, we have implemented the system in all our game offerings. Those which fail to integrate with the system will cease operation in order to safeguard under-aged users effectively. 

Standing where we are today, we take very seriously our societal responsibilities. Technology possesses phenomenal power and moves at lightning speed. The question is how to ensure the benevolence of technology, for the betterment of mankind.