Weixin Pay and WeChat Pay HK Help Over 16,000 Merchants Welcome Back Visitors in Macao


More than 16,000 merchants in Macao are using Weixin Pay and WeChat Pay HK, taking advantage of the two digital wallets that have integrated their merchants network in Macao to make payment easier, faster and safer for travllers, according to the company.

During the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, Weixin Pay will further support partner merchants in Macao with a series of digital vouchers and exchange rate discounts for users. The initiative comes timely for local businesses, mostly small- and mid-sized, that are getting ready to welcome back international visitors for the upcoming Spring Festival.

The popular tourist destination received almost 40 million visitors in 2019, prior to the pandemic, with an influx once again expected for Chinas biggest holiday period. People come for its unique mix of Asian and European influences, delicious cuisine, excellent retail, fascinating history and vibrant culture.

Manuel and Lisa, owners of Michelin Guide restaurant O Manuel in Taipa Village, have built a loyal clientele and attracted many new customers for over the past 30 years.

The eatery is known for its traditional Portuguese foods, including charcoal-grilled bacalao fish, alongside with fusion Chinese dishes such as seafood fried rice, in recognition of the diverse tastes of diners coming to Macao.

To make the experience as easy as possible for patrons, the husband and wife duo have installed point-of-sales facilities to support popular digital payment tools, including both Weixin Pay and WeChat Pay HK. They, along with over 16,000 other businesses have embraced the convenience offered by the mobile payment apps seamless ecosystem.

Customers can not only pay for their meals and shopping through the apps, but they can also order food, register for promotions, redeem coupons and discounts, and pay with points.

Weixin Pay and WeChat Pay HK provide great convenience to both merchants and customers,says chef Manuel. People from all over the world only need to scan the code with their mobile phones to complete the transaction, which makes it easier, faster and safer.

Weixin Pay is a mobile payment service within Weixin app, made for users in Mainland China. Covering 68 countries and regions supporting payments in 26 currencies around the world, Weixin Pay takes a lot of hassle out of travel for Chinese users.

WeChat Pay HK is an electronic wallet in HKD available for WeChat users in Hong Kong. The platform became the first Hong Kong e-wallet to support Hong Kong users in Mainland China in 2018, and began supporting cross-border payment between Hong Kong and Macao in February 2020. Now WeChat Pay HK users can use their local wallet in Macao businesses whenever they see the Weixin Pay logo.

Weixin ecosystem helps many merchants to do business intelligently and digitally, ensuring they are prepared for high volumes of tourists expected this year. In addition to providing a convenient overseas payment experience, users also benefit from preferential exchange rates, therefore encouraging consumers to spend more in Macao.