Video Games Spark Delight for Children in Hospital in Paris


Tencent France team and Premiers de Cordée have recently teamed up to use video games as means to bring a more positive experience to children who are going through prolonged treatments due to illness or injury in France.

The event, Video Game Volunteering Day, involved making several Tencent video games avaialble to about 50 hospitalized children in Paris to provide social and emotional support. Tencent would like to thank their partner Kassandre Agency for their help in the conception and delivery of this event.

Adaptive technologies, inclusive game design, and accessibility features were incorporated to ensure that all children, including those with physical disabilities, can participate.

Discovering new games and virtual worlds ignited the children’s imagination, and the event made them feel empowered and special. Receiving a Tencent QQ Penguin, the company’s mascot, was also a hit among the kids.

Premiers de Cordée is a French community sports association that promotes the well-being and personal development of sick or disabled children through sporting activities.

The partnership recognizes the positive impact of games and e-Sports in teaching fair play, teamwork, self-improvement, and perseverance. It also fosters inclusivity and equality, social interaction and connection, cognitive stimulation, therapeutic benefits, skill development, self-expression, and recreation and entertainment in an innovative way.

The Video Game Volunteering Day marks what we hope will be the beginning of a sustainable and long-lasting partnership with Premiers de Cordée. Plans are underway to reach out to more hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and disability organizations, ensuring that a greater number of children can benefit from the program.

The hospitalized children play video games under the guidance of a volunteer.

By nurturing relationships with healthcare institutions, the program will provide consistent support and enjoyment for sick and disabled children through regular gaming sessions and workshops.

Tencent employees are also actively involved in volunteering for charitable and community work around the globe. In addition to bringing happiness to hospitalized children in France, our volunteers have repaired homes for financially stressed individuals in San Francisco’s Bay area, planted trees in China’s Tengger Desert to combat desertification, and much more. Their dedication to helping others is the embodiment of the company’s commitment to give back to the community and pursue our mission of Tech for Good.