Tencent Singapore Giving Partners with Mandai Wildlife Group, RSVP Singapore, and Peace of Art for Conservation and Sustainability Initiatives


Research has proven that time in nature is good for your health, reducing stress and blood pressure. For kids, time outdoors has profound developmental benefits. Exposure to the rich diversity of the natural world, its birds and animals and trees and clouds and rocks, teaches infinite lessons about finite resources and the need for sustainability practices.

Tencent Singapore has deepened its support for conservation efforts through community impact programs aimed at serving and benefitting local communities. Two recent initiatives under our Tencent Singapore Giving program highlight our efforts to promote sustainable philanthropy.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Wildlife Conservationists

The best way to appreciate the incredible beauty and diversity of nature is to experience it first-hand.

To support this, Tencent has partnered with Mandai Wildlife Group, a wildlife and nature destination in Singapore, and senior volunteer organization, RSVP Singapore, to educate the public, including students, about conservation, sustainability and animal care.

The program has two key components. First, there is a year-long sponsorship of four ranger stations at the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, one of the country’s best-known and loved attractions. These strategically located stations around the Zoo serve as learning hubs featuring interactive displays that highlight endangered species such as pangolins, cheetahs, snakes, and Malayan tigers, which are at risk of extinction.

“As key educational touchpoints across our wildlife parks,” said Isabel Cheng, Senior Vice President of Partnership Development at Mandai Wildlife Group, “the ranger stations help to raise awareness on the threats faced by wildlife and our collective duty to protect nature.”

The program’s other component is a partnership with RSVP Singapore to conduct a learning journey to the Singapore Zoo. A launch event brought together Tencent employees acting as volunteers, RSVP’s senior mentors, and students. The interactive tours included visits to the four ranger stations, along with presentations and engaging challenges to develop knowledge about conservation and the environment.

Encouraging Thoughtful Gift-Giving at the Sustainable Christmas Market

With the festive season upon us, Tencent Singapore sponsored and took part in the Sustainable Christmas Market. It was a collaborative venture by Peace of Art, a not-for-profit that seeks to effect positive change through art, and the Singapore Red Cross.

A booth was set up at the market selling eco-friendly products including reusable totes and restored soft toys. Activities promoting animal conservation were organized for children. And Tencent employees donated pre-loved items for sale, with the company matching all donations and proceeds going to the Red Cross Young Hearts program, an initiative that aims to empower youth living in Singapore public rental housing by providing them with access to out-of-reach opportunities such as academic support and enrichment activities.

 “Organizations such as Tencent must involve ourselves in the social and sustainability efforts of local communities in a meaningful way,” said Goh Lih Shiun, Senior Director of Global Public Affairs, Tencent. “We want to inspire everyone to join hands and co-create a brighter and more inclusive future.”