Xi Jinping, CPC General Secretary & CMC Chairman, Inspected Tencent


On the afternoon of December 7 Xi Jinping Chinese Communist Party General Secretary and Central Military Commission Chairman inspected Tencent. He was accompanied by Wang Yang Political Bureau Member and Guangdong Party Secretary and Zhu Xiaodan Guangdong Party Deputy Secretary and Governor as well as other officials including Wang Huning Political Bureau Member and Central Policy Research Section Director and Li Zhanshu Political Bureau Member CPC Secretariat Member and Director of the Central Committee General Office. On behalf all Tencent employees Pony Ma Tencent’s Co-Founder Board Chairman & CEO and Charles Chen Co-Founder and CAO made a detailed introduction to the General Secretary and his delegation.

At the exhibition hall Pony Ma made a detailed introduction to General Secretary Xi Jinping about Tencent’s history business development workforce social responsibility and pursuit of independent innovation and elaborated on the great significance of the Internet’s role in driving traditional industries and in improving the quality of life for human. General Secretary Xi Jinping listened to the report and gave full recognition of Tencent’s work in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and the Tencent Foundation’s efforts to advance social harmony and progress.

Pony Ma also introduced General Secretary Xi Jinping Tencent’s core businesses and platforms such as IM E-commerce network information and Weixin and demonstrated two independently-developed products: street scene maps and Q Image a micro interactive projection. These products especially Weixin drew a keen interest from the General Secretary. Pony Ma highlighted Weixin to General Secretary Xi Jinping and showed its text expression and voice-based interactive ways and took a photo to demonstrate the Weixin’s picture transfer function. General Secretary Xi Jinping praised the continuous innovations of Weixin. Pony Ma stressed that Weixin was a typical product which brought Chinese Internet onto the world stage with leading market shares in Southeast Asia the Middle East and so on. The General Secretary asked about the problems which Weixin had met with in international competitions and encouraged Tencent to continue to forge ahead and make contributions to bring China’s Internet industry to the world.

Pony Ma said that the Tencent will continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation and leverage their own R&D strengths to achieve more glories in the hi-tech field.

Subsequently General Secretary Xi Jinping went to the Tencent Emergency Coordination & Command Center. Charles Chen introduced to the General Secretary Tencent’s development of massive data platform analyzed neitzens’ use habit and network information communication patterns and how Tencent copes with various emergency vents and ensure to provide massive users with stable data services and secure and healthy information services.

“How do we adapt to the Internet in social management?” General Secretary Xi Jinping said to Tencent’s two founders and employees “I think that your work is very important. For example you have the fullest data among the massive information and then you can make the most objective and accurate analysis. This shows a trend among the masses. It’s also valuable to provide suggestions to the government.”

Looking at the young and dynamic Tencent employees around him General Secretary Xi Jinping spoke of his encouragement and expectations: “Mankind has now entered a historical stage of the Internet era. This is a world trend and this Internet area plays a tremendous role in pushing forward the progress of the living and production activities of mankind as well as the development of the productive force. Your opinion is very important for the future building and development of the Internet including all aspects from the establishment and improvements of laws to the development of technologies. I also hope that you will make more suggestions in the future”. The General Secretary then said: “Finally I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for your efforts your achievements and your contributions!”

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s words were greeted with a round of thunderous applause.