Tencent Announces First Donation of RMB 2 Million to Qinghai Earthquake Stricken Area


The Tencent Charity Foundation has announced a donation of 2 million Yuan to earthquake stricken area in Qinghai Province. While launching emergency disaster relief actions Tencent has also opened online donations to the Tencent Netizens Love Foundation to join hands with hundreds of millions of netizens to help disaster victims. This is the first donation after the earthquake struck Qinghai Province,and the fourth time for the Tencent Charity Foundation to launch emergency disaster relief mechanisms following similar moves for the 2008 snow disaster relief the Wenchuan Earthquake disaster relief and the 2010 Southwest China drought relief.

QQ.com was the first to open the Featured Report-Qinghai earthquake. A 7.1 magnitude earthquake was reported to have hit Yushu County Qinghai Province on April 14 2010 with the epicenter at Rima Village in Shanglaxiu Township. Roads leading to the epicenter are blocked and all houses at the epicenter have collapsed. Strong shock waves are felt at Jiegu Town and street houses and buildings and many home houses have collapsed causing serious casualties.

Chen Yidan Exectuive Director General of the Tencent Charity Foundation and Chief Administration Officer of Tencent said that Tencent would in addition to making the first donation at the first time fully leverage its online platform and resources and work closely with the Tencent Charity Foundation and millions of netizens to join in the concerted earthquake relief work in the country. He added that drawing upon the disaster relief work experiences from the Wenchuan Earthquake We would certainly join hands with our compatriots to overcome the natural disaster and rebuild our homeland.