Strategic Cooperation between Tencent and Intel to Build a Green Internet


Recently in Beijing Tencent Inc. and Intel Corp. signed a strategic memo that will pave the road for a series of joint projects on technologies and server applications over the next several years. The two sides will especially cooperate on server and efficiency optimization projects. The two sides also plan to cooperate on the future computing environment projects such as joint laboratories that will host research on such core technologies as server virtualization which will help take care of Tencent's rapidly growing business needs.

China's Eleventh Five-Year Plan specifically mentions that the building of a conserving society the realization of sustainable development and the increase in resource efficiency are closely related to the stable development of China's economy. These policies will play a critical role in China's overall conditions and strategic planning. Reports from IDC also mention that by 2010 the money spent by enterprises on electricity will be greater than the investments made by these enterprises in hardware equipment. As one of China's largest integrated Internet service operators Tencent has 300 million active users on its online life platform and more than 30 million users online at any moment. Tencent is striving to fulfill the ever increasing needs of Tencent's ever growing number of users for better server capacity and energy efficiency. In order to meet Tencent's development goals and increasing need for data processing power Tencent will produce a strategic agenda on the implementation of an energy efficient data processing platform. Tencent has chosen Intel the green data processing technology giant as partner in this task. Tencent will use specific actions to be part of the green wave and introduce a more energy efficient business platform to the Internet industry.

The cooperation memo signed by Tencent and Intel also includes strategic cooperation on mobile Internet terminals and providing mobile Internet users with more attractive service options. The two sides will also jointly conduct online sales and marketing events based on "Tencent MIND" and cooperate on client end desktop and laptop-related projects.