Tencent Founders Receives Enterprise Citizens Award for Special Contributions


The Third Outstanding Enterprise Citizens of China Award Ceremony takes place in the Great Hall of the People on November 24th 2007 in Beijing. Recognized for outstanding undertaking of corporate social responsibilities Tencent's founding team (Ma Huateng Zhang Zhidong Xu Chenye Chen Yidan and Zeng Liqing) receives the Enterprise Citizens Award for Special Contributions; the only Enterprise Citizens Award won this year by an Internet enterprise.

The concept of enterprise citizenship arises from corporate soul searching and understanding of its relationship to the rest of society. For sustained growth enterprises must understand that in addition to making profits it is in their best interest to undertake social and environmental responsibilities. As our nation actively promotes the "building of a harmonious society" and "scientific developmentalism" more and more Chinese enterprises are beginning to pay attention to enterprise citizenship. Many are proactively finding ways to develop business and improve society at the same time.

The selection process of the Enterprise Citizens of China Award goes through three stages. The final winners are selected from sixty nominated candidates. In regard to Tencent's winning an award for positive contribution to society China Association of Social Workers Enterprise Citizenship Committee Director points outs that: "While Tencent is a young enterprise their founding members have attached a lot of importance to corporate social responsibility from the very beginning. Tencent has actively used its Internet platform to involve the online community in bringing positive change to society. The company has come up with a model for businesses to undertake corporate social responsibility through promoting public charity events and programs to help the disadvantaged contributing to disaster relief operations establishing a public charity foundation and hosting the Tencent Public Charity Website.

Tencent Co-Founder and CAO Chen Yidan points out that as the Internet enterprise with China's highest number of users Tencent is very aware that its any action can affect hundreds of millions of users and influences the entire Internet sector. Only by earning users' respect and approval can Tencent guarantee the health of the company's future development. Corporate social responsibility therefore is an important strategic topic. Tencent will proactively undertake social responsibility promote a clean online environment and contribute to public charity projects. In October 2006 Tencent participated in the inauguration of the Corporate Social Responsibility Alliance. In the same year Tencent invested an initial 20 million yuan in the first public charity foundation established by a Chinese Internet enterprise – the Tencent Public Charity Foundation. Chen Yidan points out that through sharing of resources and experiences Tencent hopes to cooperate with other enterprises to fulfill further corporate social responsibilities.