Tencent Charity Foundation Sets Up "Revolution Old Area of Jiangxi Charity Foundation"


August 1 2007 - At the inauguration of the "Revolution Old Area of Jiangxi Charity Foundation" Jiangxi Provincial Committee Secretary Meng Jianzhu and Vice Minister of Civil Affairs Li Liguo presented the official plaque for the foundation and Tencent Charity Foundation made the first round of donations. On the day of inauguration the foundation raised a total of RMB 22.5 million from nine organizations that included the China Welfare Lottery Issuing and Administration Center and the Jiangxi Copper Industry Group.

Mr. Meng has stated that the Jiangxi Provincial Committee and Provincial Government highly value the founding of the "Revolution Old Area of Jiangxi Charity Foundation". Mr. Meng hopes that the foundation will do a good job of managing funds and maximize the foundation's benefit to society. Mr. Li has expressed that the Civil Affairs Ministry will continue to support the development of philanthropic foundations and promote the Jiangxi's successful experiences with public charity foundations.

The "Revolution Old Area of Jiangxi Charity Foundation" will provide medical services to Revolution Old Area such as Jian Ruijin and Xingguo. The foundation operates with an emphasis on providing medical services to impoverished youths. Tencent Charity Foundation will have a website (http://www.gongyi.net) to accept monetary donations and provide the latest information on various charity programs and events reports on usage of charity funds and various channels for raising funds such as online donations or online auctions.

Tencent Vice President and Tencent Charity Foundation Director Guo Kaitian relates that Tencent's proactive approach to advancing public charities over the years has taught Tencent that the success of charity works cannot depend on only a few people or a few enterprises. Public Welfare 2.0 as promoted by Tencent utilizes Tencent's public profile and influence and various broadcasting platforms to spread the spirit of public charity across society. Tencent encourages society to care about and support public charity endeavors. As shown by the inauguration of the "Revolution Old Area of Jiangxi Charity Foundation" an influential and proactive enterprise can serve as an important role model in public charity works.