Tencent Chief Administration Officer Chen Yidan Attends the 2007 International Copyright Forum


July 18 2007 - The National Copyright Administration and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) jointly held the 2007 International Copyright Forum in the Beijing Kempinski Hotel. This year's forum focused on the theme of "Internet Copyright Protection and Industry Development." Against the backdrop of globalization the forum discussed the effects of copyright protection on the development of China's Internet industry and on China's economy. The forum also discussed how copyright protection could foster a healthy and orderly market economy.

General Administration of Press and Publication Director and head of National Copyright Administration Liu Binjie and WIPO Deputy Director General Michael Keplinger inaugurated the forum with their speeches. Supreme People's Court Vice President Xiong Xuanguo and Internet Society of China Chairwoman Hu Qiheng both delivered speeches that represented the views from China's judicial system and industry respectively. At the forum Tencent co-founder and CAO Chen Yidan delivered a speech titled "The Exploration of Copyright Industrialization and Copyright Protection in the Online Environment."

Mr. Chen expresses that as the highest market value Internet company in China strategically Tencent has benefited greatly from placing a great deal of importance on intellectual property creation and rights protection. Tencent understands deeply that in the online environment innovation is the driving force behind intellectual property development. Intellectual property strategy is an important weapon for an enterprise to maintain competitive edge and to develop copyright products.

Mr. Chen points out that innovation is deeply rooted in Tencent. Innovation is organically built into Tencent's corporate culture corporate strategy intellectual property protection and innovation model. Self-innovation is found in Tencent's ever improving corporate management corporate culture human resources products and services.

At the same time intellectual property strategy is an important weapon in maintaining corporate competitiveness and in developing copyright industry. What makes the copyright system special is the protection of knowledge- technologically- and intellectually-based innovations. Protection and effective use of intellectual copyrights not only can improve corporate competitiveness but can also facilitate innovation and maintain corporate vitality. Simply put intellectual property protection reduces the need for a company to waste precious resources on guarding its intellectual property. The fact that competitor's intellectual property is also protected means there is more room for competitors to cooperate with one another. Such cooperation could bring unforeseen benefits to all parties.

Tencent QQ and the QQ penguin logo have come to symbolize online life and entertainment in China's youth culture. In fact when QQ first took the country by storm Tencent had already erected a copyright protection mechanism in place. In addition to registering the copyright of QQ's penguin logo Tencent also obtained trademark protection for all its products and applied for 3D patents. Through ever improving intellectual property protection and reward system and with the support of committed staff Tencent has always enjoyed protection of its innovations. The value of intellectual property protection is already part of any Tencent undertakings.

Tencent's development path is one of intellectual property development. On a deep level we understand that successful implementation of intellectual property strategy depends first and foremost on respecting the intellectual property of others. It also depends on familiarity with domestic as well as international laws. Tencent must protect its brand and technology through careful deployment of logo copyright and patents. Only through close integration of research marketing and operations can a company instill intellectual property awareness in all levels of the corporate structure. This will help improve the company's market competitiveness and maintain corporate advantage.

Mr. Chen points out lastly that development of online copyright industry is inseparable from copyright awareness and implementation of intellectual property strategy. It is especially tied to improvements in China's greater legal environment which depend on well-defined copyright laws and properly strengthened law enforcement and legislation. As a beneficiary of the national intellectual property protection system Tencent will continue to rely on the spirit of innovation to forge a path in the copyright industry. Tencent shall contribute to the development of copyright industry help realize national intellectual property strategic goals and help build a new nation.

Participants in the forum included business administrative academic and legal experts from countries ranging from China the United States Singapore South Korea Japan to Australia. As designated partner for the forum homepage Tencent oversaw the live broadcast operation for the forum.