Tencent Endows Public Charity Foundation with RMB 20 Million and Unveils Public Charity Homepage


A national charity foundation to be governed by the Civil Affairs Ministry the non-public Tencent Public Charity Foundation has obtained official permission to begin operation. With an endowment of RMB 20 million the foundation is the sixth such organization set up by an enterprise and the first such organization set up by an Internet-based enterprise.

After being honored with the title of Philanthropist for China's Children last month Tencent Chairman and CEO Ma Huateng promises that every year from now on Tencent will donate a share of its profit to the foundation.

Mr. Ma expresses that for enterprises social responsibility is a necessary obligation. While Tencent strives to meet user demand for interactivity information sharing entertainment value and business applications Tencent has worked hard to construct a better online culture. Fostering an online atmosphere conducive to the betterment of society has become the force that drives Tencent ever since Tencent became China's number one Internet-based enterprise in terms of market value. In Mr. Ma's words "Having China's largest Internet community Tencent with its advantage in mass communication can help construct a better platform for development of China's public charity works."

Tencent Public Charity Foundation Director Mr. Guo Kaitian announces that in addition to supporting environmental protection educational national heritage preservation and anti-poverty programs the foundation will utilize Tencent's and QQ's brand recognition to foster wholesome development of China's youths.

Sponsored by the Tencent Public Charity Foundation construction for the first six elementary schools for disadvantaged children has already begun. Also the foundation's supporting website—Tencent Public Charity Website (www.gongyi.net)—is now fully online.

"The internet has an inherent advantage in mass communication. Operation of the Tencent Public Charity Foundation will fully take advantage of the Internet's communication and organizing capacity. This will bring innovation to and expand room for development in China's public charity work." Mr. Guo believes that the public charity website will promote and encourage people to take part in public charity works "which signifies the arrival of Public Welfare 2.0."

The Tencent Public Charity Foundation has already built strategic relationships with foundations such as China Children & Teenagers' Fund China Youth Development Foundation China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and The Jet Li Foundation Project.

Tencent will provide information distribution online donation and online auction services for these foundations. Tencent's blog and instant massaging services will also be integrated into the Tencent Public Charity Website. The website will rely on volunteer communications platform and public charity operations platform to carry out public charity programs. Through servicing volunteers fund raising and promoting and organizing public charity events the website will provide a platform for the mass participation in public charity works.

Tencent has stated that it will mobilize the charitable potential of 590 million registered QQ users to make the Tencent Public Charity Website into China's most influential and efficient public charity platform.