QQ.com Releases Reporting Strategy for the 2008 Olympics


On July 5 QQ.com held a press conference to announce the web portal's reporting strategy for the 2008 Olympics. With "Your 2008 Internet Home Arena" as slogan QQ.com revealed the portal's plans for an interactive platform for the Olympics press community. Tencent President Martin Lau stated that QQ.com will be a facilitator of a scientific Olympics a builder of a Humane Olympics and a promoter of a Green Olympics."

QQ.com's "Your 2008 Internet Home Arena." reporting program will allow Internet surfers to experience the Olympics as though they are present in the competitions. QQ.com users will be the first to receive the latest news and information. Users will be able to participate in the Olympics via Tencent's diversified products interact with Olympic celebrities and share in the pride of being host to the Olympics.

Tencent Executive Vice President and head of Online Marketing Services & Corporate Branding Mr. Lau Seng Yee outlined the three pillars of the "Internet Home Arena" program. The first is to build a three-dimensional Olympic press community for Chinese Internet users. Tencent will consolidate its multiple platforms to provide users with dedicated services for Olympics-related presentations information distribution exchange and communications. News reports will enhance the gateway to each community platform which includes QZone QBar QQ Live (chat rooms) QQ Video and QQ groups. Tencent will also release a new version of QQ on January 1 2008. The new QQ will be the official portal to QQ.com's Olympics Channel.

The second pillar is to deliver comprehensive reports on the games to Internet users at the first time available. The state-run Xinhua News Agency has granted QQ.com with the exclusive right to release the Xinhua-Tencent Olympics instant news from July to the end of the 2008 Olympics. QQ.com will cooperate with the official Chinese website of the world's top sports daily – L' Equipe of France – in writing joint reports and establish an Olympics media alliance with a dozen of the top domestic municipal newspapers in terms of circulation. Authorities of China's gold medal sports – table tennis badminton swimming and weightlifting – have appointed QQ.com as their official news release platform. This allows QQ.com to be the first to report on the latest developments in the competition such as athlete information and post-race comments. More importantly the dialogue box of the next version of QQ will display a rolling broadcast of instant news to alert users of any new developments in the games.

Pillar three is interactivity. Declared Lau Seng Yee in this Internet era the Olympics should offer audiences more than one-way flows of news reports. Only by allowing users to participate in the games can the Internet's interactive strength be leveraged. To realize this QQ.com will build and strengthen interactive groups chat rooms and personal spaces. For instance a user will be able to browse athletes' information in their web space and directly communicate with athletes communicate with other fans in QQ groups as well as discuss the athletes and competitions in a chat room.

According to Lau Seng Yee Tencent will make Internet users feel that the Olympics Games are readily accessible to them. They will be able to participate in the Olympics and share in its celebration at any given time.