Tencent Promotes "Public Welfare 2.0"


The China Children and Teenagers' Fund (CCTF) recently awarded the title of "Public Welfare Star Enterprise" to Tencent in recognition of the company's achievements in regards to the wellbeing of youth. Tencent Vice President Guo Kaitian who is also Vice Chairman of the Tencent Charity Foundation attended the awards evening held as part of the CCTF's sixth China Children's Charity Day.

Compared to traditional industries the Internet sector offers more possibilities to interact with the public. With the need for corporate social responsibility never greater Internet companies have an important role to play in leveraging their platforms to initiate and take part in activities for the good of society and endeavours that promote social harmony and progress. With its highly interactive qualities Internet Messaging (IM) is a key tool in this regard. Declared Guo "As China's largest IM platform and most popular portal Tencent has an obligation to guide and popularize projects related to public welfare."

In 2006 Tencent organized a fundraising campaign under the banner of "Relaying Cong Fei's Compassion and Let Love Last Forever." The campaign generated 8754049 hits and raised CNY200000 in funds for the Cong Fei Love Stipend Foundation. In the U.S. Microsoft's recent Live Messenger charity campaign entitled "I'm." targeted American users but also attracted the attention of many Chinese MSN users. It is believed that with their strengths in social communication Internet enterprises' active participation announced the eminent arrival of "Public Welfare 2.0."

Like Web 2.0 "Public Welfare 2.0" emphasizes people's involvement. In China public welfare initiatives have been traditionally the realm of the government with limited participation by social organizations. In recent years companies and celebrities have participated and launched their own charity projects with positive feedback from the public. However the impact of such activities has remained limited. According to Guo Kaitian only when the entire society pays attention to and participates in public welfare can China truly enter the era of "Public Welfare 2.0." At each stage of social development there are always certain under-privileged groups in society that require assistance. While not everyone is able to provide monetary support people can still offer support in spirit to those in need. When needy people feel that society cares about them they can gather the courage to overcome difficulties. This is a basis for a harmonious society concluded Guo.

Launched by Tencent and the CCTF in 2005 the Compassionate Donation of the Tencent Credit Point Project has generated a tremendous response from QQ users. A user may donate as little as five QQ credit points to participate in the campaign. With the donated QQ credit points Tencent has been offering school supplies and living necessities including stationery textbooks and student uniforms to designated primary schools in poverty-stricken areas. In this way QQ users can share in the joy of helping others without donating cash. Today the "Compassionate Donation" channel has become a permanent channel of the Tencent Credit Point Project providing continuous support to kids in poverty-stricken areas.

Public welfare projects are not limited to under-privileged groups. Social concerns these days also include environmental protection and the protection and development of traditional cultures. As the end of 2006 Tencent donated CNY20 million to build the "Tencent Charity Foundation." The foundation's QQ Public Welfare Website (http://gongyi.qq.com/) officially went into public service on June 6 2007. The website has already established strategic partnerships with recognized domestic charity foundations including the CCTF China Youth Development Foundation China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Amity Foundation and The One Foundation giving them an online platform for charity information online donations charity auctions and online communities. The website makes it easier and more convenient for the public to get information on and participate in the public welfare endeavours.

With a mission to mobilize QQ's 590 million-strong user base to participate in charitable projects the QQ Public Welfare Website plans to build itself into the most influential interactive and effective public welfare community platform ever according to Guo.