Olympic Junior Journalists Visit Tencent during "Open House" Day


On May 12 Tencent's Beijing offices received a visit from a group of special guests. More than 40 reporters from the "Haixin Olympic City Junior Reporters" association enjoyed a highly anticipated tour of the "Home of QQ" receiving special training on Internet news gathering and editing as well as Internet security. The junior journalists were also thrilled to have the chance to interview speed skating world champion Yang Yang.

In her sports career Yang Yang has won 23 world championships. After her retiring she joined QQ.com's Sports Channel to contribute to sports in a different way. During her friendly chat with the young reporters the short track speed skating champ explained the Olympic spirit and made an appointment to meet them on the competition grounds of the 2008 Olympics.

Yang Yang remarked: "Self-confidence self-improvement and self-esteem go hand in hand with the Olympic spirit of "swifter higher and stronger". These "self" qualities are key to internalizing and living the Olympic spirit. In reporting the Olympics junior reporters can help people better understand the Olympic spirit. QQ.com will play an important role in reporting the 2008 Olympics. Young reporters are invited to commit to this task along with QQ.com."

The editors of QQ.com's Children Channel also presented the recently launched Children's Community and emphasized how to surf the Internet safely. Creating a "green" Internet environment is a key job these days however QQ.com has for a long time communicating guidelines to help ensure pleasant and healthy Internet services for children and teens. In recent years the portal introduced a series of "online safety" training programs targeted at youth users. In conversing with the young journalists QQ.com expressed its hope that they could pass on the safety knowledge to their friends and that a green Internet be considered part of the "Green Olympics".

As China's most popular Chinese portal QQ.com has been devoted to promoting the health and harmonious development of society in general. Since the launch of its brand strategy entitled "high response and great influence" the company has introduced several programs to support these values. From youth education related to the Internet to welcoming a visit by Olympic junior journalists QQ.com has organized a wide range of activities relating to children's well-being. QQ.com General Manager Sun Zhonghuai pointed out: "The 2008 Olympics is a big event for China. Young people are our future. We have a responsibility to provide more support in their development. In the future we shall organize more activities with diversified youth oriented content to help them develop healthily and happily. And this is an integral part of our long-term mission."