Tencent Vice President Lau Seng Yee Accepts 2006 Chinese Advertiser of the Year Award


Beijing January 272007 - The "Chinese Advertisers of the Year" award presentation ceremony was held today by the China Advertising Association ("CAA"). Lau Seng Yee Executive Vice President Online Marketing Services & Corporate Branding of Tencent accepted the award for "2006 Chinese Advertiser of the Year."

According to the CAA the major reason for Lau won the title is his leadership in moving the fast-growing Internet medium into the realm of brand management and his leveraging of innovative ideas among international brands to develop the huge Internet advertising market. Lau revealed to the press that he hoped his years of brand management experience in 4A-class advertising companies would help Tencent and lead the company in the Internet world's new era of branding.

Under the Lau's leadership Tencent's advertising and marketing team capitalized on the strengths of the company's multiple-dimensional platforms making bold strategic decisions and innovations in branding this Internet company. With Lau the young company has taken the lead among Chinese portals implementing an integrated marketing plan based on the powerful concept of "online life" which leverages the marketing strengths of the Tencent's many product lines. They also helped their advertising partners to embed their brands in various aspects of users' online experience. Finally the company also effectively leveraged public relations and other tools to establish and positively build Tencent's corporate brand image in the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of Internet users.

In the past few years Tencent developed ongoing partnerships with many Global 500 enterprises and other renowned enterprises such as Coca Cola Hewlett-Packard Motorola Samsung Intel P&G Volvo China Mobile MARS and Beijing Hyundai. In 2006 due to Lau's outstanding contributions and the efforts of his team Tencent's 3rd quarter 2006 Internet advertising revenues exceeded USD10 million up 28% over first quarter 2006 and up 132% compared to the same period last year.

In 2006 Lau also led his team in publishing the "Wang Dao" an Internet marketing magazine and played a big role in helping Tencent to sign deals with high-profile sports event organizers such as FIFA and FIBA major traditional media players including CCTV Media and TVB8 and top international schools like The Wharton Business School. As part of Tencent's marketing strategy the company organized three unique large-scale events at the end of 2006. The events not only captured the latest trends in entertainment business and the gaming industry but also underscored the significant role played by Internet media in driving exchange and progress across the various sectors. Led by Lau Tencent's brand proved once again its appeal and influence.

This CAA-sponsored annual evaluation of Chinese advertisers represents an authoritative assessment of outstanding figures in China's advertising industry. By introducing advertisers this event also wants to convey to the public the developments and vision of China's advertising industry. By identifying the events and key figures that have helped advance the development of the advertisement industry this award aims to play a role in driving and guiding social and industrial development.

Lau Seng Yee Executive Vice President Online Marketing Services & Corporate Branding of Tencent is awarded "2006 Chinese Advertiser of the Year".