Fighting Internet Theft and Ensuring a Healthy Game Industry – A Joint Statement


Shenzhen January 8 2007

Dear users and members of the media:

In recent years the problem of online theft of virtual property such as Internet game account numbers QQ account numbers and game resources has become increasingly serious jeopardizing the security of Internet-based information and the industry's development in general. Internet theft has affected not only the game industry but also tens of thousands of users. To stop this malicious trend and ensure a civilized and harmonious environment for Internet development NetEase Shanda The 9th KingSoft and Tencent will work together in 2007 in fighting Internet theft. In this perspective we hereby make the following joint statement:

1. In the Internet environment we live in information and virtual property security is something all users expect. Whether it involves game account numbers Tencent QQ account numbers gaming resources of all major Internet game companies virtual property theft is on the rise. This conduct has not only violated Internet users' lawful rights but has also impeded the healthy and harmonious development of the Internet creating a new Internet "threat." Shenzhen Public Security Organizations recently arrested a group of virtual property thieves that had stolen property valued at over CNY 1 billion. This case underscores the harm and rampancy of virtual property theft which is clearly defined as a crime punishable by law. As such we are willing to take responsibility together with relevant regulatory authorities and Internet enterprises to firmly oppose and seriously fight the theft of virtual property.

2. Many facts point to highly organized chain of criminal activities involving theft of account numbers development and spreading of computer viruses to automate the stealing of account numbers and then sell stolen properties on third party platforms. This chain not only adds to and complicates the idea of "Internet threats" but also causes serious social problems. As this chain is undermining the legal foundation of the socialist market economy we cannot ignore it and let it develop simply because of the current inadequacy of Internet legislation. In this perspective we are determined to cooperate with and support legislative bodies in fighting Internet theft. Meanwhile we call for the relevant legislative bodies and law enforcement agencies to further improve and expand laws and regulations increase law enforcement efforts carry out special activities to detect virtual property theft online and aggressively fight such theft to safeguard legal order on the Internet.

3. To stop crimes related to the private trading of game account numbers of various large Internet game companies as well as Tencent QQ account numbers we call upon state legislative bodies and related regulatory authorities to accelerate the legislation process and strengthen their regulatory efforts in regards to illegal trading and disposal of stolen virtual property via C2C e-trading platforms. Furthermore we encourage domestic C2C e-trading platforms to take their share of responsibility in the healthy development of China's Internet industry by joining the fight against organized account number theft rings.

4. As Internet enterprises dedicated to improving users' Internet experience we have taken specific measures and actions to fight against account number theft. Our consistent guideline and goal is to do our best to safeguard users' interests and rights and to be safe and reliable Internet game service providers. As such we jointly establish the "Industrial Alliance to Fight Internet Theft" and sincerely welcome other peers to join us. We hope that alliance members will increase cooperation and jointly study and improve technical measures to fight viruses and theft. In this way we can offer better protection of users' interests and rights while maintaining a high level of Internet security.

5. We sincerely hope that Internet users stay alert increase their own efforts to keeping Internet thefts at bay and not trade virtual properties from suspicious sources to prevent infringement of their rights and interests. If these rights and interests are found to be violated we strongly encourage Internet users to boldly take legal action to protect themselves and join us in the fight against Internet theft.

6. We are against all activities that infringe upon the order of Internet gaming including illegal trading of virtual property on third party payment platforms. We call upon the public to watch out for to online theft understand its seriousness and actively report and fight criminals that deal in such stolen property. We solemnly warn those engaging in online thefts to stop all illegal and criminal activities immediately.

NetEase Services Ltd. 
Shanda Corporation
The9 Limited. 
KingSoft Corporation

As of January 8 2007