Ma Huateng Speaks on New Economy and Exchange Ideas with Young Elites from Teochew Region


Shenzhen July 28 2006 – the 4th International Teochew Youth Convention was held in Shenzhen today. Thousands of young elites coming from Teochew – the region covering both Chaozhou and Shantou – gathered together for cultural and economic exchanges. During the convention Ma Huateng Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tencent spoke about developing opportunities brought about by the Internet-based new economy.

According to Ma as Internet technologies continue to develop and economic globalization brings about the integration of regional economies the Internet will bring huge development opportunities to new Teochew business people. As a continuously growing Internet enterprise the Tencent Chairman stated his wish to use the platform of the International Teochew Youth Convention to share experience and progress along with Teochew executives around the world.

In his speech Ma exchanged with the audience about Tencent's milestones in the fast-growing Internet economy and offered keys to help the convention's participants succeed in this new era. "Diligence practicality honesty and trustworthiness are the corporate values that new Teochew business people should always adhere to. With open policies and an innovative spirit Teochew business people's Internet era track record has been one of continuous successes without forgetting their dues to charity and society key vectors of Teochew corporate social responsibility. By adhering to these values more successful new business people from Teochew are sure to make their mark in this Internet era" proclaimed Ma.