Tencent CEO Pony Ma Won May Fourth Medal for Youth in Guangdong Province


April 29 Guangzhou -- The appraisal result of the 8th May Fourth Medal for Youth in Guangdong Province an event organized by the Guangdong Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League (CCYL) and the Youth Federation of Guangdong Province was released by Mr. Wang Xiao Vice General Secretary of the CCYL Guangdong Committee on the Commemoration of the 87th Anniversary of China’s May Fourth Movement in Guangdong. Leaders including the Vice General Secretary of Guangdong Province granted certificates to all medal winners including Pony Ma CEO of Tencent.

Started in 1999 the May Fourth Youth Medal for Youth in Guangdong aims at setting good examples for and introducing outstanding achievements of the excellent to young people in Guangdong and guiding and encouraging young people to strive at constructing comprehensively a well-off society. The medal is the highest honor that the government gives to young people. Since it came into being the medal has been awarded to 122 young people who made outstanding achievements in various fields in Guangdong Province.

Having received this laurel Mr. Ma said that he felt both honored and more responsibilities. As leader of Internet enterprises in China Tencent by taking advantage of the Internet has devoted itself to promoting social development helping teenagers grow up healthily and constructing a harmonious society. Mr. Ma said that he would do his best for China’s sustainable long-term development.

Founded by Mr. Ma in 1998 Tencent has created a new communication culture via the Internet with the company’s self-developed instant massager – QQ which has changed communication habits for numerous users and boosted the development of China’s Internet industry.

Inspired by Mr. Ma Tencent people actively engage themselves in public welfare activities such as the Spring Bud Plan "Along the River" Environmental Protection Event Healthy Summer Vacation Movement and a donation event for people in the flooded areas in Guangxi Province. Mr. Ma honest and dedicated aspiring and gritty is also highly respected among others and has become an example for young people to learn.

Now Mr. Ma is leading all Tencent people to promote the concept of a healthy and green "Online Society" and hopes to meet diversified needs of the online society in all aspects. Tencent strives to make its products and services necessities in people’s daily life just like water and electricity so as to improve the quality of life.