Tencent CEO Pony Ma named "2004 Economic Influentials - Innovation" by CCTV


[Dec. 29 2004 from Beijing]

On December 28 2004 Tencent CEO Pony Ma was named "2004 Economic Infuentials - Innovation" by China Central Television (CCTV) in Beijing. The award came shortly after Mr. Ma was named "2004 Global Business Influentials - New CEO" by U.S. Magazine TIME and CNN.

CCTV's Economic Influentials which is regarded as Oscar in China's economic field is an annual event since 2000. Nominees are proposed by TV audiences internet users media professionals entrepreneurs and economists. The nomination criteria of this year are "Innovation responsibility and Healthiness".

The adjudication panel said "In China you could find a penguin icon in the system tray of almost every computer connected to the Internet. With this lovely icon Mr. Ma brings a brand-new communication style to billions of Chinese people." Tencent's successful listing on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on June 16 2004 also marked an important milestone in China's internet industry.

On the website of CCTV many internet users congratulated Mr. Ma by saying " as a young man Mr. Ma has changed the communication way of Chinese people. He created an equal world without limitation of age gender race and social status;" and "Mr. Ma and his company is now establishing an interactive entertainment kingdom better than Disney's. He and his company are gradually changing people's life and work style . "

Upon receiving the award Mr. Ma said it was a recognition of the dedication of himself and the whole company over the last six years. He would continue to contribute to the development of China's Internet industry with commitment and innovation.