Tencent and ICBC in card cooperation


[July 192004 from Shenzhen]

On July 12 Tencent and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) held e-commerce cooperation signing ceremony at Great Hall of the People in Beijing. From then on both sides will join hands in issuing e-card promoting Internet banking handling online security authentication and sharing marketing channels and customer resources. The debuted E-card issued by Tencent and ICBC is a new charging mode for online consumption which aims to make Internet transaction more reliable and further its development.

Many banks and websites make cared cooperation in foreign countries. However banks in China provide no other service than B2C mode in online charging field. Under this situation customers always suffer from poor honesty and limited pay channels. based on the cooperation Tencent and ICBC expect to make breakthroughs in online payment and broaden charging channels.

The win-win cooperation of Tencent and ICBC is supposed to facilitate the development of personal Internet banking customer IM enterprise IM and entertainfo which enables cyber users in China to enjoy better e-commerce value-added services.

While the ceremony ICBC launched large marketing events for its Banking@home. From July 13 to September 30 the bank will give prizes for opening online account and making transaction. Furthermore the certificate of personal Internet banking service will be exempt from annual fee during this period.