"Mobile QQ" won the champion for SMS business by Guangdong Monternet


[May 182004 from Shenzhen]

On May 17 the activity of "My favorite Monternet SMS business" by Guangdong Mobile came to an end. "Mobile QQ" by Tencent won the final champion to be the favorite Monternet SMS business for Guangdong Mobile users with more than 96000 votes and satisfaction score of146672.

At the present Tencent and Guangdong Mobile jointly launched more than 20 businesses including Mobile QQ Feichang QQ Nannv QQ Gas Station and QQ Xing etc. A series of promotion activities such as "QQ Star Campaign" in 2002 and "Happy Journey to Saipain" in 2003 were all welcomed with great promotional impact.

As one of the first wireless value added service providers for Guangdong Mobile’s Monternet Tencent’s outstanding performance among numerous SPs has its own reason. Apart from frequent marketing campaigns and rich return to customers Tencent’s constant innovation in type quality and quantity of businesses as well as technology won the recognition from many customers. After winning the champion the company stated it will continue to closely cooperate with operators to explore markets and provide more and better service.