Tencent Launched a New IM Service -Tencent Messenger


[Dec. 15 2003 from Shenzhen]

Self-composed messages sent by Tencent Messenger for free postponed until July 1 2004

On December 15 2003 Tencent's new IM software-Tencent Messenger (or Tencent TM) was publicly launched. Following QQ and RTX TM is another powerful freshman for Tencent IM products line and aims to offer IM service for cyber users to communicate with friends under office environment.

Tencent TM mainly targets individual users under office environments and focuses on the communication among friends and acquaintances with a simple but delicate interface.

Functionally considering the office environment TM deemphasizes entertainment and recreation. On the side of operation TM requires users to bundle up their cell phone numbers with Tencent IM system to log in and use it for free. It means that user's ID is more authentic thus more convenient for communication between acquaintances.

TM made new explorations into IM application suitable for office environment as well as how to acquire more industrial information with new features such as "Intelligent Secretary" "No Disturbing" "Public Business Card" "Industry Yellow Page" and "Industry Searching" etc.

Apart from functions above TM also provides personal image presentation and one-key switching to QQ etc in order to facilitate TM users to communicate with their QQ friends.

For more information please logon to http://im.qq.com/tm and download TM for a trial.

For any bugs on this beta version of TM your feedbacks on the TM-Bug BBS of QQ.com will be appreciated.