Tencent joined hands with Kingdee in providing RTX - the enterprise real-time communication solution


[Sep. 23 2003 from Shenzhen]

On September 19 the bund of Shanghai seemed comfortable and brilliant with autumn breeze and shining ripples. People from all over the country assembled at Shanghai Bund Int'l Building to attend the Seminar of Kingdee K/3 OA and Tengxuntong RTX with "Sharing knowledge sharing success" as its slogan. This seminar closely followed the release of Tencent's enterprise IM product "Tengxuntong" (RTX) on September 9 in Kerry Center of Beijing

On the seminar Mr. Zhang Yong East China region GM of Kingdee Mr. Zheng Liang Marketing GM of Kingdee and Mr. Sun Feng Shanghai R&D Center GM of Kingdee gave detailed introduction to Kingdee K/3 OA project and expressed full confidence in its success. Mr. Zhan Weibiao GM of Tencent's Enterprise IM Department and Mr. Zhang Yanhao Senior Product Manager of Tencent's Enterprise IM Department also introduced their "Tengxuntong" (RTX) and made on-site DEMO presentation to kindle the seminar's atmosphere. The representatives from their key customers TCL Group and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Group) went on stage one after another to have an interview with Mr. Sun Feng and Mr. Zhan Weibiao on the experience of Kingdee K/3 OA and Tengxuntong RTX.

The following topics are heatedly discussed on the seminar: the integration of Tengxuntong (RTX: Real-Time eXchang) and Kingdee's ERP and OA projects providing enterprises with RTX enterprise real time solutions and helping them to improve information exchange and effective communication among staff. As famous application software provider and instant messaging service provider in China Kingdee and Tencent have focused on providing enterprises with effective information systems and services to improve their productivity. In terms of enterprise information system Kingdee offers excellent enterprise information solutions such as ERP OA and KM concentrating on enterprises' office work and management requirements. Tencent's instant messaging service platform for enterprises-Tengxuntong (RTX: Real-Time eXchange) can seamlessly integrate with Kingdee's ERP and OP systems and improve information exchange and communication among staff.

On the one hand Tengxuntong RTX is to integrate with Kingdee's to-be-released ERP and new OA version; on the other hand RTX will be applied within Kingdee as a promotion. In the future Tengxuntong RTX is supposed to provide better instant messaging and real time communication support for the construction of enterprise information system.

As time goes on Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. will cooperate with more and more strong partners to combine organically knowledge management and information communication with its own effort to improve enterprises' core competence rapidly and embrace a real time enterprise era together.