Tencent ranked 1st in the annual SP ranking by Shanghai Mobile.


[Jan 27 2003 from Shenzhen]

On January 27th Tencent won the 1st prize of comprehensive evaluation in 2002 by Shanghai Mobile the only top prize in this annual ranking. In the meantime Tencent was assured as Shanghai Mobile's gold medal partner in 2003.

More than 20 businesses have been launch in the cooperation of Tencent and Shanghai Mobile including Mobile QQ QQ Love QQ Gas Station and QQ Xing. The several promotion activities in 2002 such as "Shanghai Mobile-Tencent Summer Mobile QQ Face to Face" "QQ Star Campaign" and a series of campus promotions for "M-Zone" all ended in great success.

As one of the first wireless value added service providers for Shanghai Mobile's Monternet Tencent's outstanding performance among more than 100 SP competitors has its own reason. Apart from constant innovation and recognition among users for its type quality and quantity of businesses as well as technical innovation more importantly Tencent has always regarded customer service as a key factor for its development. It impressed users deeply for Tencent efforts in improving customer service staff quality enhancing replying efficiency and reducing customer complaints. On this ranking meeting Shanghai Mobile also praised Tencent for its customer service quality and awarded customer service staff personal prizes.