Tencent was 1st in the 2nd quarter SP ranking by Zhejiang Mobile


[Sep 16 2002 from Shenzhen]

Recently Tencent QQ ranked 1st in "Q2 Monternet SP ranking" by Zhejiang Mobile which once again presented the recognition of users towards QQ.

In 2002 Tencent launched more diversified new wireless businesses such as Mobile QQ QQ Love QQ Xing QQ ring tones/pictures and WAPQQ. The actual business amount showed that the Tencent's wireless business was really very popular in Zhejiang market. In terms of business types monthly business amount net increase of user accounts service quality business and technology innovation promotion intensity and effect by Zhejiang Mobile's SP ranking Tencent was 1st in the second quarter and also ranked high in terms of customer service hotline special service line staff handling and coordination telephone response timely rate (both from users and from China Mobile) handling time actual handling rate and customer complaint rate. Accordingly Tencent ranked 1st in the Q2 comprehensive ranking by Zhejiang Mobile.

The SP ranking by Zhejiang Mobile greatly enhanced SPs' awareness for innovation and service quality improvement as well as the healthy development and comprehensive competitiveness of Monternet business.