Tencent signed onto the Convention of China Internet Industry


[Jul 02 2002 from Shenzhen]

Under the well organization of Guangdong Communications Administration and Guangdong Internet Society representatives from Tencent and other 20 Internet companies in Guangdong attended the Convention of China Internet Industry and signed the "Public Pledge of Self-Regulation and Professional Ethics for China Internet Industry" on June 29 2002. Their action can present the mutual agreement of 61 Internet enterprises in Guangdong. The signing of the pledge will actively promote the establishment of self-regulation and codes of practice for Internet industry of the province.

In recent years the rapid development of Internet industry not only advanced the economic situation in Guangdong but also deeply influenced people's cultural life. The "Public Pledge of Self-Regulation and Professional Ethics for China Internet Industry" was built on the principles of "patriotism law-abiding impartiality and good faith". It will definitely promote the establishment of the industry's self-regulation mechanism based on "self-restraint mutual supervision fair competition and healthy development". Internet industry in Guangdong will gradually learn to regulate itself and the healthy development of the Internet will be guaranteed. Mr. Chen Xuedao head of Guangdong Communications Administration and chairman of Guangdong Internet Society delivered an address on the ceremony and China Internet Society sent a congratulatory telegram. Tencent had the honor to represent all signing companies of the convention to give speech on the ceremony.

As a young Internet company the service quality and management of Tencent is recognized by users through its several years' development. Presently registered users of its website and network instant messaging product have broken 100 million. The huge user group makes Tencent more aware of its social responsibilities especially in terms of maintaining network security and promoting healthy Internet usage among teenagers. As an Internet company we should not only abide by laws and regulations but also enhance the professional ethics of Internet industry and try to protect the interest of our nation and the whole industry. We should abide by the various regulations of the pledge and work together to guard national security protect Internet intellectual property promote Internet ethics prevent the dissemination of vicious computer codes and destructive programs service the enterprises and promote industrial cooperation and communication. Under the leadership of Communications Administration and Internet Society Tencent is willing to work with more Internet companies to promote the implementation of the pledge accept the supervision of the society enhance self-regulation and build a civilized and healthy Internet environment.