Tencent signed an agreement with INTEL


[Jun 20 2002 from Shenzhen]

On the evening of June 20 2002 the opening ceremony of INTEL Solutions' Shenzhen Center was held in Wuzhou Guest House which attracted more than 40 companies and Medias. As one of the first important clients Tencent signed memorandum of understanding with Intel on the ceremony.

The reason for Intel to establish this solution center is to provide the independent software companies and system integrators with a series of flexible and effective e-commerce solutions and to complete system testing and application optimization work.

As an instant messaging service provider Tencent focuses on providing large clients with customized and versatile instant communications services and requires a good technology environment accordingly. For a long time Tencent has used servers based on INTEL standards and accumulated many years of application experience. The expansion of its business also enhances the technology requirement which coincides with the purpose of the INTEL Solutions Shenzhen Center.

Today Mr. Zhang Zhidong Technology Director of Tencent and Mr. Bu Tong Director of Intel's Internet Solutions Department of Asian-pacific Region held the signing ceremony.