Tencent introduced QQ card


[May 31 2002 from Shenzhen]

In May 2002 the newly designed powerful Tencent QQ card made debut to replace the original member card.

The new QQ card with a whole new look is introduced to satisfy the development of customized value added services of Tencent QQ. The original member card can only be used to pay for membership while the new QQ card can purchase the existing and future Tencent value added services.

Tencent QQ card now presents 3 kinds of par value: 30 yuan/60 yuan/120 yuan. Users can purchase QQ cards with different face values according to their need (see the figure above). QQ card can be purchased in Federal software world Federal software chain stores and Q-Gen chain stores all over the country.

Tencent and Beijing Federal Software Co. Ltd. has reached a cooperation agreement according to which Federal will be the sole agent for Tencent QQ card countrywide. Beijing Federal company is the largest software product chain store in China. It owns hundreds of chain stores all over the country with rich experience in software product marketing. The cooperation of Federal and Tencent is a partnership between two strong companies that complements one another's resources.This cooperation is anticipated to scale a high level for Internet economy model.

Visit http://qqcard.tencent.com for features of QQ card.

To become a QQ card sales agent please contact Beijing Federal:

Mr. Wu Product Department Beijing Federal Software Co. Ltd.

Telephone: 010-64411665 / 64416875 / 64419295 / 64419865 ext. 8278

FAX: 010-64410882