Tencent's Mobile QQ won 2 prizes in "Ericssion Mobile Internet Application" competition


[Mar 13 2002 from Shenzhen]

After 4 months' competition the results of the 2nd session of Ericsson Mobile Internet Application Competition come out today. The Mobile Internet Applications from 7 companies won the Dragon Prize. Comparing to the last session this competition is characterized by Mobile Internet applications more innovative and mature. The success of the competition also shows that Mobile Internet industry in China is growing up .

The competition has been fruitful. Tencent's "Mobile QQ" Sina's "News and Information" Shanghai Zhangxing Technology Co. Ltd.'s "Fairy Pet" Shanghai Linghui Software Technology Co. Ltd.'s "Wuxi Securities Wireless Comprehensive Business Platform" Etonenet's "Mobile Electronic Discount Ticket System" Aofa Technology Engineering Co. Ltd.'s "Personal Mobile Locating Service" and Hongruan's "Mobile Phone Album" won dragon prizes of information game/entertainment news/information transaction commerce geographical location-based application and innovative application respectively.

Meanwhile Shanghai Meining Computer Software Co. Ltd.'s "Stock Information Enquiry" Lingtong Net's "Ring Tone/Graphics Downloading" Wangda Group's "Mobile Office" Beijing Yisuode Technology Co. Ltd. and Go2map Software (Beijing) Co. Ltd.'s "Mobile Locating System Application-Crystal Ball" and Beijing Qunsheng Technology Co. Ltd.'s "Games" won special nomination prizes in this competition.

Specially apart from the dragon prizes and special nomination prizes the competition also introduced a "Youngsters' Favorite Prize". Youngsters' power to promote the development of Mobile Internet applications and their understanding of the Mobile Internet was fully taken into consideration. Ericsson invited 3000 18-to-35-year-old youngsters with the knowledge of Internet and Mobile Terminals from Beijing Shanghai and Guangzhou to elect their favorite application from the above-mentioned dragon prize and special nomination prize winners. "Youngsters' Favorite Prize" was awarded to Tencent's "Mobile QQ" application while the "Media's Favorite Prize" to Sina's News and Information Application by on-site medias.

Representatives from the Ministry of Information Industry China E-Commerce Association China Mobile China Unicom China Netcom Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Ericsson served as the jury for the competition. They evaluated works submitted by registered members and partners of "Ericsson Mobile Century" nationwide in terms of mobility originality popularity and utilization of the new Mobile Internet technologies and business platforms. This session of dragon prize competition received 44 application works from 26 companies in all.

Innovation and maturity featured this competition. Apart from information prize winner Mobile QQ traditional news and information applications commerce prize winner Mobile Electronic Discount Ticket and transaction prize winner Stock Trading many interactive games colored graphics and pictures are utilized in Mobile Internet applications. The Mobile Internet applications approach closer to 3G Mobile Multi-media applications and lays solid foundations for the final realization of Mobile Multi-media applications. An example would be the "Mobile Photo Album" that breaks the limits of time and space to enable customers to share happiness whenever they want.

Mr. Martin VP of Ericsson (China) Co. Ltd. delivered on the ceremony that Ericsson has always committed to the development of Chinese as well as global Mobile Internet business and applications. As a leader in these industrial areas Ericsson will continue to conduct more extensive and in-depth cooperation and promote the commercial success of the Mobile Internet industry.

Mr. Mu Xi Director of Ericsson's Mobile Multi-media Open Lab addressed: "In many aspects dragon prize competition this year excels the last session. We are very happy that more innovative and mature Internet applications emerge on the market which shows the booming of China's Mobile Internet industry. Ericsson's dragon prize competition will continue to actively contribute to China's Mobile Internet industry."

Provided by Ericsson (China)