Simultaneous online user accounts of Tecent QQ peaked over 1 million


[Feb 10 2001 from Shenzhen]

At 20:28 on February 10 2001 simultaneous online user accounts of Tencent QQ peaked over 1 million. In 2000 QQ became the first network service in China with more than 100000 simultaneous online user accounts and after only 8 months its simultaneous online user accounts scaled a new height.

Since February 11th is the 2nd birthday of Tencent QQ simultaneous online user accounts of 1 million is no doubt the best birthday gift for QQ from cyber users. In the past two years QQ user accounts grew from merely less than 10 to 1 million. With more than 90% market share QQ created various miracles in China's instant messaging market. In the IM product testing by PC Magazine QQ defeated many other IM software (including ICQ) and won the first prize which proved the considerable strength of Chinese software.

In the past 2 years QQ experienced more than 10 updates. It is from cyber users' support that drives Tencent to seek for non-stop improvement. Currently QQ has entered the life of many cyber users. Mobile QQ and wireless network paging enable everyone to enjoy share information anytime anywhere. In 2001 based on the interpersonal communications Tencent aims to develop more enterprise products and build communication channels between enterprises and individuals. All of there will broaden the living space of users.

It is a milestone as well as a new starting point for Tencent QQ to have 1 million simultaneous online user accounts in its development course. Promising as its prospect seems QQ still has a long way to go. With our endeavor and your support we will see miracles one after another.